The strangest bedfellows?: American Left and Radical Islam


There should be no doubts in anyone’s mind by now that the American far left, including Communists and other global socialists, are in alliance not only with each other but with radical Islam.  The common thread is their hatred of American power and its Constitutional government of inalienable individual rights, broad freedoms and unprecedented economic success.

There is no other possible explanation for the fact that these disparate and therefore  strange bedfellows are tolerating each other by sharing the same political sleeping quarters within this nation.  Consider this:

The International Socialists aka Marxists aka Communists and the other global socialists now in control of the US government claim to be promoting the most humanitarian ideology, one possessing the greatest fairness, equality and peace advocacy.  Yet at the same time they bend over backwards, forewards and sideways in order to ignore and excuse every attempt by radical Islam to undermine US power and security.

This despite the fact that much of modern Islam adheres to and promotes a theological dogma which supports perhaps the least fair and equal doctrines and the most belligerent attitude in the contemporary world.  Were the predominantly secular American Communists adhering their own ethical causes as purely as they would like American to believe, they certainly would never tolerate an ally which favors the imposition of such a male chauvinistic, heterosexual-obsessed and militaristic society as that which radical Islam has maintained in many Muslim-dominated countries and which it supports in so many others.  That is, uinless they shared the same short-term goals of defeating a mutual enemy.

Nor could either American Communists or radical Islam succeed by promoting their causes openly.  That neither had done so here for many decades is why both have succeeded so well in acquiring the power and influence which they now enjoy.

From past failures, including repeated military defeats of Islamic armies over many centuries, and the exposure of American Communists in the early 1950s, they well understand the importance of operating clandestinely by presenting a false front of “moderation” in the promotion of “change” for the sake of advancing “fairness” and “equality” within existing Christian Capitalist systems.

Ironically, this secretive modus operandi has extended to their long term goals, at least in their dealings with outsiders, which is one key reason they can be allied in their mutually-beneficial campaign to bring down American power and the remains of the American Constitutional political system.  For Communism is primarily a secular political movement (Marx considered religion “the opiate of the masses”), while Islam is a religion with a political mission.

Each expects to dominate whatever new system they manage to create.  Although their political missions to establish totalitarian rule are similar, the moral and legal principles on which their totalitarianism would be based irreconcilably conflict.

No doubt their leaders realize this.  But at this point we can surmise that each believes that by stealth alone, followed afterwards by force through strength, it can gain complete control of the USA and the other remaining Western Judeo-Christian based countries with their undesireable Christian ethics, democratic procedures and relatively free markets.

The important thing for anyone who still believes in the superior value of these “Western traditions” to understand and act on is

(a) the American far left is in a symbiotic alliance with radical Islam because they are the two most historically devoted and potent enemies the Western tradition has, and

(b) the mutually-executed strategy of both movements is to remain as disingenuous as possible in communications with remaining supporters of the Western tradition, because they realize that that approach has worked incredibly well for them both so far, and is the one most likely to bring them to the point where any threat to their final victory can be overcome.

Until those who value Western traditions (including Christianity and Judaism, the political concepts of inalienable rights, Constitutional rule of law and democratic procedures, and free market economies) realize that they have been and are being played by systematic misrepresentation by American Communists and radical Muslims, little progress in defending what remains of those traditions and values can occur.  Nor will there be any real prospect of defeating either or both of the cloaked enemies out to destroy them.

This awakening must include not only American citizens and voters, but also the more or less unwitting allies of Global Socialism and radical Islam in American education and media.

httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PHfVP5k85Ro  Mark Levin Part I on Alinsky

httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1El4g3KjeNA  Mark Levin Part 2 on Alinsky

httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=krvCQbzPKiI Islam and The West documentary

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Robert Duncan

Retired professor of American and European history, American National Government, and Psychology. Constitutional Libertarian

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