New school standards seek to nix climate dissent

New school standards seek to nix climate dissent

For the first time in 17 years, a new set of science guidelines for the nation’s government-operated school system has been released.
This time, the Next Generation Science Standards includes pointed and opinionated lesson plans designed to silence any debate by those who question the facts surrounding man-caused global warming.
Naturally, leftist environmental extremists are in favor of the new plan, since the standards being retired did not address the topic at all.
Alliance for Climate Education director Matt Lappé expressed the pleasure surely felt by most leftists in the educational system and beyond.
“The hope is that standards with rigor like this, with support within states, will squash those denialist approaches to climate science teaching,” he said.
Lappé made it clear he wants the significant portion of Americans dissatisfied with the flimsy evidence presented by climate change adherents should simply shut up and move out of the way.
Delighting in the fact previous bills designed to provide both sides of the argument have been defeated, he predicted “we’re now in a position where we expect that to be the norm.”
Outraged at the affront on a perfectly reasonable skepticism, a number of more conservative groups spoke out against the one-sided, politically correct guidelines.
James Taylor of the Heartland Institute chided the “anti-human message” contained in the standards while Robert Lattimer of Citizens for Objective Public Education called it “a very bad set of standards” for conservatives.
Though this new set of standards obviously constitutes a short-term loss for the conservative argument on this issue, some see the change as an overreach that will eventually backfire.
Patrick Michaels, the Cato Institute’s Center for the Study of Science director, predicts “tremendous resistance” from those students forced to hear the heavily skewed data.
“Kids will become even more skeptical than they are now,” he noted, expecting them to “rebel against it in the long run.”
More than half of all states took part in drafting the set of standards and, like all other leftist agendas perpetuated in America’s schools, parents are often at the mercy of ideologically driven instructors and administrators who have direct access to and influence on the next generation.
Traditional parents must consider the indefatigable opposition represented by public education and redouble their efforts to provide the conservative ideals purposely ignored or ridiculed in mandatory lesson plans.
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