Homosexual bullies try to force priest from university

Homosexual bullies try to force priest from university

Two outspoken gay advocates are doing their best to coerce George Washington University to remove Father Greg Shaffer from campus based on his adherence to Biblical teachings.
Damian Legacy and Blake Bergen, both seniors at GWU, made it clear they think Shaffer’s rhetoric is hateful and have staged a protest set to last until he is dismissed from his position as chaplain.
Shaffer, of course, has only espoused a view of homosexuality held by the majority of Christians – and many other faiths – across denominational lines.
He teaches the act is immoral, as are any number of sins one can commit.
The radical gay agenda teaches anything less than a complete endorsement of their sexual perversion equals de facto discrimination, though, so these students contend there is no place on campus for his outdated views.
Refreshingly, those touched by Shaffer’s message of hope and salvation are speaking out loudly in support of the beleaguered priest.
One blog described him as “self-sacrificing” and “encouraging” while some students shared their experiences with the spiritual leader.
According to one post, Shaffer’s “kindness and unconditional affection” helped the writer “realize that I was loved despite my mistakes.”
The pathetic irony of these gay students seeking to silence an opposing view while citing their own right to free speech is apparent to the intellectually honest.
Bill Donohue, president of the Catholic League, called the protest a “serious civil issue,” calling on GWU to engage in a “campus wide discussion on the meaning of the First Amendment.”
This nation’s all-important Bill of Rights has long been bastardized in an attempt to protect certain segments of the population while stripping the rights of those our leaders deem problematic.
The frustrating result is that traditional morality is sacrificed to benefit those who embrace a new, “enlightened” sense of entitlement and inclusion.
Those of us on the religious right, however, will never be included.
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  1. Isn’t this the same “institute of higher learning” that covered the crosses during either Obama (or maybe Bush’s) speaking engagement there? Isn’t Georgetown a ‘faith based’ college?

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