Gun Control Works

Preaching to the choir here on gun control in general, however this is meaningful especially now. As the UN is preparing to enforce worldwide disarmament of citizens, it is important to remember these statistics, and remind our lawmakers about them. In the coming weeks, there is no doubt that there will be many requests and petitions circulating around about this issue. While it’s probably not possible to participate in all that come along, it is important to do at least one thing: go to the House and the Senate websites, look up your people in Washington, and let them know that you believe it is important to protect our Second Amendment rights from being trampled by anyone – states, citizens, cities, and especially the UN.

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Liz Harrison (twitter: @GoldwaterGal)

Liz is a mostly-retired veteran political campaign worker, wife, mom, opinionated gal, fiscal conservative, anti-social-conservative, atheist, and foreign affairs/Mid-East politics junkie.

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  1. 30 yrs ago I answered the door. Suddenly I was on MY doorstep being beaten by 2 men with a rifle. I was a 40 yr old 125 lb woman. The rifle butt penetrated my skull with in a thin layer of my brain that required 91 stitches…My neighbor ran out with his handgun & made it possible for me to have scars instead of a tombstone…How wonderful that our laws allowed him to have one…We are each our own 1st line of defense, guns are power. If the government has control of the guns, they ‘take your power’ Ball bats & screams of rage cannot compete..that is their exact intent…If we allow the door of OUR Constutional Rights to be cracked, it won’t be long before they push it in & try to take every single thing to include your soul. Obama is but an obiedient soldier in this war against our great Nation. He is a child in a candy store gone wild waiting for his next orders. He has demonstrated that he isn’t smart enough to pull all of this off on his own. But he is dangerous. Many us have be ‘going to’ or have written D.C. many times. Please don’t let up…fax, phone, write & urge all you know.

  2. Your story is horrifying and I am so glad that the incident ended the way it did, but your turning the story into a warning about the government oppressing you does not follow. Were the two men who attacked you agents of the government? Also, none if the gun control suggestions would have kept your neighbor from saving you. However, background checks may have kept the rifle out of the hands of your attackers. Again, I am glad your story has the ending it does. Were the men ever captured? Why did this happen?

    1. Jon, it is bordering on offensive that you would suggest that the current spate of gun control laws wouldn’t affect the outcome of Jan’s situation. You cannot truthfully make that claim. And it is laughable that you would suggest that background checks would have any effect whatsoever on criminals acquiring weapons, because it wouldn’t. Please explain to me the logic of your argument that background checks stop criminals from acquiring weapons. It should be interesting, since criminals, by their very nature, do not obey laws, so therefore do not worry about these gun control laws. Well, these laws do matter to them. They tell criminals where they are more likely to get away with crimes by using weapons, because their victims – law-abiding citizens – would most likely have no weapons.

  3. Jon, I’m not quite sure why you seem to be so preoccupied to ‘argue'(degrade) each post or comment you read without offering a sound, fact based opinion of your own…I mean, honestly, that’s not my concern/problem…My comment was not intended to be a blow by blow description, It includes the information I, as a contributor, felt pertinent & allows others to conclude what they will without having to consider if I wore sneaker or heels. I choose not to further waste any more time engaging on this.

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