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Gun accessory maker moves some manufacturing out of Colorado

magpul colorado
magpul colorado

Gun accessory manufacturer Magpul has moved the manufacture of two of its most popular products to other states.

After Colorado passed a law making any magazines over 15 rounds illegal, Magpul vowed to move some or all of its manufacturing out-of-state. Now, the accessory maker is living up to the promise.

Magpul is now making PMags, magazines that can hold 10 t0 30 rounds, outside of the Centennial State for the first time.

Moving magazine production isn’t the final action that Magpul is taking. It has also moved it’s rifle sight production to another state and is currently looking for a new home for its headquarters.

The accessory maker is also expected to announce further details on its plans after this weekend’s National Rifle Association’s annual meeting in Houston, TX.

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  1. I salute the leadership of Magpul. It’s the reasonable response of free people to the tyranny and fascism of democrat progressivism.

  2. Colorado lost $$$ by doing things the BO way. Thats the second gun mfg. that has relocated because of that State’s & Maine’s stupidity. I hope they miss the revenue. I will make certain that I buy their products.

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