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After an intense standoff the second marathon bomber suspect was captured covered in blood, but alive hiding in a boat in a neighborhood back yard. The neighbor went out to check on his boat and noticed a strap torn which was unusual. He found blood stains and bloody clothes tossed outside and what looked like a body hiding in there. Rather than confront the person, he did the right thing and silently went back into the house and had his wife call 9-1-1 which led police and FBI agents to the house. After several hours with the police using a robot and flashbombs the suspect came out and was taken to the hospital.

Now maybe we can get some answers as to why they did this horrible deed, the reason behind their thinking and who if anyone else is behind them, etc. The older brother Tamerlan, who was killed, obviously influenced the younger one. A foreign country, presumably Russia, warned our FBI in 2010 to watch out for him. They interviewed him and found him to be clean and didn’t see any reason to arrest him. In January of 2010 Tamerlan left for Russia for six months. When he came back he was different and more in tune with a strict Islamic fundamentalism in him. He posted jihadist videos on his twitter account. He was close to his younger brother Dzhokhar and must have influenced him in his radicalization.

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One comment

  1. I have a huge amount of admiration & appreciation for the co-op work of the law enforcement in this operation. It was exellent!

    But come now “Gottcha”??? The general public & media were so over anxious to have an answer that we 1st latched on to the deportation of a victim & rumors of conspiracy swirled throuogh the airas ‘proof’ Al Quieda involvement. them we learned that he had simply over stayed his visa, Immediately our attention shifted to the dramatic shoot out & death of the older brother. With the smell of gun powder still heavy in the air it was discovered that 3 of the younger brothers roommates were being questioned & some ‘bomb making components’ found.. Immediately! This meant that an Al Quieda cell was discovered!! Yet, these boys weren’t detained. The women’s 911 call was broadcast about the boat & some keep referring to her as him?/? There are so many yet to be answred questions. What’s more not all will be public information.

    What I’m getting at is “Who got Who”? We are a nation that has come to want/need Instant Gratification. As such we must learn to decern the difference between fact & fiction. We must learn that patience is often our greatest asset. The desperation at which we grasp for straws will divert & waste postive energies chasing the wrong rabbit.

    Again, the law enforcement’s stragety & work is absolutely comforting.

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