Contrary to DHS Reports, Illegal Border Crossings Thriving

border warning signAccording to an investigative report written for the Arizona Republic in the past five years more than $106 billion have been spent to build fencing along more than 650 miles of the border and and more than doubling the number of Border Patrol agents along it to almost 18,500. They erected surveillance towers and hidden sensors. They added  drones, aircraft, canine teams, horse patrols, checkpoints and vehicle patrols that range up to 60 miles from the actual border to arrest migrants and catch drug smugglers.

All of this infrastructure — along with a 58 percent drop in the number of migrants arrested by the Border Patrol compared with five years ago — underpins Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano’s claim that the border is more secure now than it has ever been. Arizona Central

But is it?

Last week it was reported that a radar equipped drone used by the Customs Department demonstrated less than half of those illegally crossing from Mexico were stopped by border agents. Customs department officials blames the ‘Got Away’ rates on rugged terrain, lack of border agents and inability by the drone to differentiate US citizens from others.

It was further reported that many of those caught by the Border Patrol are no longer hiding from officers but instead are turning themselves over to officials. The word in Mexico is that those who make it into the US are going to be eligible for amnesty.  The agency’s official response is that this sudden spike in arrests and the reason for it is anecdotal but one has to wonder what message is being sent by the current administration.

The Border Patrol policy is that they do not try to stop illegal crossings at the border; instead they try to stop illegals before they get too far. This policy means that Arizona and other state residents who may own land adjacent to the Mexico border must deal with a daily influx of border crossers. They must protect themselves and their families in this ‘no man’s land’ and fear the US government if they themselves don’t follow all laws, including holding suspected illegal crossers on their private land.

Contrary to Secretary Napolitano’s confident statements about our Southern border, it still appears that we must secure it before trying to enact an amnesty program.


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Teresa Wendt

A stay at home mom who runs a household, manages the finances, cares for a young adult autistic son, and cooks from scratch. Traveling from Arizona to Alaska summer of 2013. Visit my blog at and follow along.

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  1. She was a lousy governor. She’s even worse as head of homeless insecurity. Her only claim to fame is being cast as poster child to verify the validity of the Peter Principle.

    1. Thanks for your comments Rick. There are many here who agree with you RE the former governor.

  2. “Comprehensive” Immigration, My foot!!! Our LAW is written (in English)& we grasp & understand it just fine!! It’s the total disregard & ENFORCEMENT of the law that is beyond questionable and NOT comprehenisble us old fashioned law abiding LEGAL citizens

    Even pre-historic animals & cavemen marked their territories & set boundries.

    For over a decade I’ve joined & worked with other patriots & volunteer groups to urge & then demand that our Borders be Secured…Borders are the first line of defense against an invasion (or should be) There is not a corner of our great Country that is affected by the encrouchment of illegal, CRIMINAL trespassers.

    Border states are being left with a growing,puss oozing sore as this snake squeezes tighter & slithers through out the rest of the Nation spewing its posionous venom. At the current rate, the entire country will be one huge sore….and band aides just won’t work… THE HEAD OF THIS SNAKE MUST BE CHOPPED OFF.

    There are over 400 Ameican companies with Mexico addresses & undetermined number in Canada that benefit from the ‘current’ status. They fund a large amount of lobbying to support this administration’s attitude…(google ‘American Companies in Mexico/Canada) & enables Big Government( yes, you & I are part of it) to file lawsuits against any State daring to challange them.

    I PLEDGED MY ALLEGIANCE to THE flag & THE Nation for which it stands….Time does not void a promise..Not for you & I, NOR for elected officials that have taken an additional oath….You know what to do..and it’s perfectly legal..head ’em up, move ’em out! 2014 is a big whip…

    As a side note: Do you think all of those willing to give a pass (amenesty) to crimminal tresspasser have a door on their house or fence around it ‘to protect’ them from uninvited invaders???? hmmmm

    1. Thanks for your input Jan. It is important that those of use who have experienced life in a border state speak up. Too many don’t realize how porous our borders are (both South and North)and the impact these border crossers have on society.
      I find it especially interesting how harsh the Mexican govt is on those they catch crossing along their Southern border.

      1. Yes, Mexico is inclinded to lock you up & throw away the key…Recently an acquaintance with a deer lease about an hour from us had set out a couple of ‘hunt camera’ to spot feeding locations. One 48 hr period they ‘captured’ lines of 20-30 Illegals crossing with heavy backpacks…headed north east…When he went to the site to retrive the cameras he saw trash of all descriptions, human waste & clothing….THIS is what the ‘elite’ from D.C. should be looking at, not staged 30 minute visits at select sites.

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