Anti-PC subject matter leads to threats against professor

Anti-PC subject matter leads to threats against professor

A professor at a New York university is facing the wrath of students who perceive the content of his lecture as insensitive to victims of abuse.
In reality, Dr. Theodore Everett’s SUNY Geneseo lecture was meant to bring attention the prevalence of fraudulent and exaggerated cases of sexual assault that  often cast doubt on the countless cases of actual attacks. Such clarification, though, has absolutely no bearing on the decisions of those already committed to demonizing and threatening him.
After merely announcing his intention to lead the discussion, called, “Against ‘Sexual’ ‘Assault’ ‘Awareness’,” extremists upset about its possible content began circulating a petition.
“I think Dr. Theodore [expletive deleted] Everett should be assaulted sexually,” reads an accompanying online post.
Lunatic leftists are notoriously shallow thinkers and cannot differentiate between criticism of fraud and criticism of victims. This phenomenon is demonstrated in various situations, such as when conservatives cite the rampant abuse of America’s welfare system and are immediately accused of hating the poor.
Since the knee-jerk reaction of Sam White – the student who started the petition – and the nearly 1,700 additional signees was to judge the presentation based largely on its title, Everett decided to break down his intent.
Obviously, the title is not meant to be taken literally, which the professor said is “precisely why [it] has those three words separately in quotes.”
He came up with the lecture as a way to express his “concern … that the sexual assault awareness movement counts too many borderline cases,” which he said includes acts such as continually asking someone for a kiss.
His true passion, though, is to give real victims the attention and resources they need.
The pursuit of each fraudulent report “diverts attention away from the truly damaging core cases of rape that everybody cares about and toward borderline cases that no one believes are equally important, even though they also should not happen.”
A professor dares suggest all sexual advances are not created equally and he is derided mercilessly by the liberal drones produced on American college campuses.
Universities – once looked upon as a place to experience a plethora of new ideas and values – is now a wasteland of failed political ideology and a continuation of the leftist indoctrination imposed during grade school.Unless more of us are willing to stand up and address the politically correct language and culture responsible for many of our current problems, I’m afraid we are doomed as a society.
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B. Christopher Agee

B. Christopher Agee is an award-winning journalist and conservative columnist. He established The Informed Conservative and late 2011 and currently reaches an audience of millions each month through publication on several major websites. He lives in the Fort Worth, Texas, area with his wife.

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One Comment

  1. Isn’t it amazing?

    I “think” (an act, which is as politically incorrect as spanking your children – teaching them that actions are inescapably connected to consequences) we are about to be swept away by a title wave of stupidity!

    “…they don’t know who to turn to, they don’t know where to go, unless you tell them what to think, they don’t know what they know…”

    {Jonestown, Mexican Moon, Johnette Napolitano, Concrete Blonde, 1993, (Matthew 7:15)}

    I think (again, shame on me!) the most dangerous assault a free society can face is a mass of undisciplined stupidity!! And I submit that all of these people could not think their way off of an escalator! I’ll bet (in all seriousness) every one of the signers of the petition have high I. Q.s but are consistent Dope-Smokers with an inability to actually reason! Broken BRAINs to the last one!

    This kind of thing makes me sick!

    I may or may not agree with someone nor do I claim to not make mistakes but I will respect your opinion if it is clear to me that you have actually come to your reasons on the basis of sound logic and natural law – you cannot drop an apple and expect it to fall “UP”!!!

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