Sheriff’s Notice: Time To Deputize Your Local Citizens

A sheriff in Michigan says its time to arm and swear in local citizens to fight the Feds.  Martial Law. This is where America is heading.

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One Comment

  1. The video is true, and also to, he’s right, it’s something you don’t talk about. What else would the DHS, ICE, even the Dept. of Education want with millions of rounds of .40 cal. hollowpoints, millions of rounds of .223 or 5.56mm whichever you call it, and combat vehicles that are mine proof? Does anyone think that it’s to go after your local Black crack dealer? The cops have been going after them for decades and have never needed anything like that before now. But of course they have never had to deal with MS-13 either. Those guys enjoy killing cops. How do you think they got into this country without being stopped. Sure they’ve got alot of money and paid people off all the way, but it wouldn’t have bothered them from what I read to blow any number of police away.

    So these agencies are preparing to come after us, surpress civil unrest when prices get so high that people start attacking grocery stores and just taking what they want and scatter to the four winds running once they get outside. You’ve heard of these Black kids having these organized attacks on package stores and stores at the mall where they just barge in and start taking things and there’s nothing the store manager can do but call the cops. But when the cops show up the kids are gone. And sure the store video has them on film, but who are you going to get to point out who’s who? No Black kid is going to turn on his friends, and if when the managers have caught a couple they don’t know anyone.

    Obama is evil. And evil people aren’t stupid. He knows what we’re capable of, and he knows just what power he would need to come up with in order to surpress us, kill us, etc. And don’t think for a second that a Socialist Communist Democrat is above killing American’s because they aren’t, and they already have killed American’s inside and outside our borders. And I’m not talking about some American who became a Muslim planning Al Quaeda to attack this country. That’s no American. That is the enemy and he should be killed and I don’t care how you kill a Muslim.

    But what I’ve got wind of and that is Obama is prepared to call in NATO troops to put down civil unrest. Are you ready to shoot NATO troops? I am! I’m prepared to shoot anyone who is intent in taking my freedom away and I don’t care who they are or what nationality!!

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