Hypocrite Michelle Obama: ‘I Don’t Want My Children to Be Weight-Obsessed’

This hypocritical woman makes me want to vomit!

I have always been a mom who watched what my children eat, because I do not want them struggling with weight issues. That is MY job, as a mom! It is NOT Michelle Obama’s job to regulate what my children eat!

Up until this year, my children were given fairly decent meals at school! At the beginning of this school year, my children- including my child that we have to fight with to eat- came home from school STARVING! After doing some investigating, and all the reports coming out about the changes in school lunches, I now have to give my children a second meal when they come home from school… what should be snack time! Then I still give them a full dinner! Their “snack” is eaten at school!

My children are also being taught to read labels so they don’t “eat too many calories”! I am fuming! Oh, but NOW, Mrs. Queen Obama says she doesn’t want her children to be weight-obsessed?! SHE is the one making it about weight! THIS is HER program!

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One Comment

  1. She’s like a nagging mother, no kid wants to listen to that kind of advice. Laura and George Bush used to go to schools and read to the kids, to teach them the fun of reading. They didn’t push it on them, just made it enjoyable and fun so the kids would go further in reading on their own. You didn’t see photos of them every time they went to a school, that wasn’t a photo op for them. Everything Michelle does with kids is a huge photo-op for her, the kids are just props for her PR….

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