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The Hypocrisy of Gun Control

It is ludicrous to imagine that not allowing some guns to be gunsmanufactured based on what they look like or how many bullets they will hold at any one given time, will do anything to curb the rampant violence in our nation.

While our lawmakers bemoan the availability of what they mistakenly call “assault weapons”, they completely ignore the real causes of all this violence. The causes of violence are cultural, not mechanical. These purveyors of edict pretend that guns are the problem, yet completely ignore the colossal number of depictions of truly nasty maiming and killing our youth are exposed to via various media 24 hours a day. These are the very same people who will exempt Hollywood from any responsibility, claiming that fiction depicted on the screen has no influence on folks, while at the same time spending millions and millions of dollars on thirty-second television commercials to get themselves re-elected because they KNOW that pictures influence people! The argument defies all reason and logic.

They are the same people who ignore the black on white youth mob violence occurring at alarming rates in our cities, who ignore the handgun violence in Chicago (a city with some of the strictest gun laws in the nation), and who rush to do something, no matter how ineffective it is so they can appear to have done something.

It is certainly true that it is not possible to legislate morality. It is equally true that people imitate what they see. If our political leaders exhibit a lack of honesty, integrity, and cooperation why do the expect the general public to act any differently? If our silver screen heroes are busy blowing up everything in sight on screen and being arrested for every form of debauchery off screen, how do we expect those who look up to them to act?

When our laws, the very founding documents of our governing system are ignored by our President, what example is there for the rest of us? When our religious and societal institutions are held up to ridicule on a daily basis by the popular media, what do they expect to occur? When it is illegal to teach moral principals in our schools, and discipline is removed, why is anyone shocked when some unbalanced individual shoots up a kindergarten? It is surprising worse things don’t happen more often.

Criminals, by definition, ignore the law. They have fine examples in our political leadership from the President on down. What on earth makes anyone think gun legislation will suddenly make any criminal obey the law? After all shooting up a kindergarten is already illegal.

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Bruce MacIsaac

Bruce MacIsaac graduated from Computer Systems Institute with an AS Degree in Systems Analysis. He spent twenty years in the computer field, most recently as the Internet Administrator for Westco Internet. He is a published poet, professional truck driver, and blogger. His interests include politics, travel, Commercial Motor Carrier regulations, spirituality and aviation.

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