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Numerous Firearms Manufacturers Refuse to Sell to Govt

While the President and the rabid left continue to pursue a ban on semi-automatic firearms, manufacturers are fighting back by refusing to sell to government agencies that support the President’s plan.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emannuel tried to pressure Bank of America to stop doing business with firearms companies. Viewed as perfectly acceptable behavior by a large portion of America, firearms manufacturers copied the tactic and returned the favor.

Larue Tactical, Olympic Arms, Templar Custom, Extreme Firepower, Barrett Arms and now RAM Arms have vocalized that they will not sell their products to government agencies that support the President’s position on gun rights.

The President believes that ordinary citizens do not need shotguns with more than 5 rounds, pistols with more than 10 or rifles with more than 10. The math is a bit fuzzy as most murders are committed with handguns containing relatively few rounds. The number of rounds is actually irrelevant. In fact, the gun is irrelevant – apparently, when someone decides to kill someone else, they prefer baseball bats or choking the life out of them over guns.

The number of gun crimes committed by lawful gun owners is infinitesimal – yeah, like, near non-existent compared to the total. I know, who wants facts when emotion can lead us to a final decision?

Oddly, criminals get guns that the lawmakers in Chicago, New York and LA have banned.  How is that possible? They made the law, certainly that means everyone will follow it?

Sarcasm aside, many firearms manufacturers have decided to answer the government’s unconstitutional overreach by refusing to sell government agencies arms or ammunition. As the President says, the people should come first – and so they shall.

The firearms and ammunition manufacturers have been clear that they will sell to law enforcement officers who need equipment and support citizen’s ability to defend themselves during the several minutes (10+ on average) that it would take police to get there. Think about what an assailant could do to you or your family  in 10 minutes…

If government departments or law enforcement officers believe that the President has the best answers to violent crime, they may find themselves without anyone to supply them.

RAM Arms is a manufacturer of firearms and a retail sporting goods outlet. RAM’s CEO Richard Mitchell said in a Facebook post:

While RAM Arms supports our Deputies and Police Officers with every ounce of our hearts, we will not be selling patrol shotguns, ARs or other equipment or ammo to government agencies that support the President’s version of violent crime prevention. As Chicago has proven – his plan doesn’t work and only disarms the innocents.

Individual LEOs that support a citizen’s right to defend themselves with arms are always welcome.

If you haven’t actually thought through your gun rights position, we cannot ethically sell you much of anything.”

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  1. Yeah, real smart – real clever. So, what is the government’s solution? They just start making their own guns and their own bullets. Oops… Somebody just shot themselves in the foot!

    Then in Phase #2, they shut down all bullet manufacturing and the importing of bullets, along with firearms sales. The government won’t care, since they’ll be making their own!!!

    The Firearms Manufacturers just solved Obama’s and the Libs problem for them. Without bullets or shells, a pistol makes a piss poor hammer – but it can be done. When this is over everyone is going to be using bows & arrows, except for the Commie’s infesting the government.

    1. The government will manufacture their own guns and bullets. That should be fun to watch. A gun manufactured by the incompetent union lackeys in the Federal Government would be the firearm equivalent of the Chevy Volt. The Soviet Union manufactured their own guns, and the best they could come up with was the SKS. A low-tech piece of junk with a non-detatchable 10-round clip. Also known in some circles as “the rifle that loses wars”.

      1. Not sure why U claim the SKS is an inferior battle weapon, thousands were made and used very effectively in Vietnam and other areas of the mid-east; also the Russians made the time proven AK-47 which is umbiquitous throughout the world, from VN to the middle-east to Africa.and Cuba. By the was I have an SKS that’s was modified for 30rd mags… handles great.

  2. It would be cost prohibiting for, the Government to start making their own munitions . Given the inefficiancies of all Government works. Plus, much of what they use is protected under patents held by private companies. They would have to pay the compaines a share of everything they produce.

  3. Ummm….just so you know the governor of Illinois is Pat Quinn not Rahm Emmanuel, he’s the mayor of Chicago. And he sucks.

  4. I applaud this action, and as a matter of fact I believe that all ammo manufactors should stop selling to any and all government agencies until the demand from the public is satisfied, and beyond that in that the ammo manufactures should make enough rounds for public consumption to take care of any unforeseeable need for no less than two years.

    And as far as turning the tables on the government, any bank that supports the Presidents position of anything should stop doing business with the government especially the FED. And who the hell does Rahm Emanual think he is that he can order any privately owned business to stop doing business with anyone? If he thinks he runs the banks let’s just see how much power does he think he has. Saul Alinsky’s Rules For Radicals rule says, “It’s not what your enemy knows you have, it’s what he thinks you have.” That is what Obama uses all the time on us, and anyone who is against him. He is very well trained up in Alinsky’s Rules For Radicals and is always making threats, and threats based on the rule of making someone wonder what power does he have to do harm to me if I oppose him. So, let’s just do him a one good turn deserves another, and if it’s the money he can take from banks from the FED who has to borrow it, shut the money off from the banks, the businesses who rely on the private sector for everything they need, shut that off as well. Starve them out.

    I believe that it’s the people who have all the real power. So, let’s prove it to him, the punk petty little commie dictator from Kenya.

    1. All good ideas, I agree. And I think all the gun and ammo manufacturers should move to the great states of Texas, West Virginia, Oklahoma, or Montana from the likes of hell-holes New York and Chicago. These states support guns, and know how to appreciate the manufacturers.

  5. The people should go ahead and begin the process of manufacturing arms and ammo like European countries did during WWII when they were making them in homes, and barns. The “underground” private sector of guns and ammo. It would be easy to shift machines into houses and apartment buildings throughout the country. It would be impossible to check every house and every apartment in every building in America, including every farm, barns, silo’s. We can do like the Muslims do and in a baby food and baby milk factory is making bullets and bombs, rifles and hand guns for the people.

    Make sure they put in generators that could handle the load, and bury fuel cells in the ground and fill them. Check the possibility of using natural gas in tanks buried under ground, etc. Even if the government shuts off the electricity and gas manufacturing will still continue…..for the people.

    I strongly suspect that if Obama thought he had to he would call for NATO troops to help in doing whatever he felt he needed to do. Ready for foreign troops on the streets of America like we’re some Third World country? We’re being treated like we’re one when we let the U.N. control what we do with our oil and natural gas. We should be the one’s who make the decision to let the oil pipe line come down from Canada, not Obama, who we know hates our having gasoline to run our cars, generator’s, and homes.

  6. I wonder if my poster had something to do with this?

    Here’s an idea
    All arms manufacturers and dealers shall refuse to sell weaponry to law enforcement that is not approved for the GENERAL PUBLIC.
    Download and share poster here:

  7. In principle, it would be great to exclude Obama-appeasing municipalities from buying guns/ammo from our manufacturers, EXCEPT that they would probably buy arms from Russia, China, or other enemies–and then use them on our citizenry! Obama is treasonous, as are many of his appointees and complicit anarchists.

  8. Gun bans work just like drug bans. If the government says prohibited you can’t get them. I’m surprised folks on the right don’t get this.

  9. Good for RAM and Rich Mitchel, and the other gun dealers for doing what they are doing. Someone needs to send a strong message to the gun grabbers that violation of our constitutional rights will not be tolerated.

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