Major agencies hiring women as male models

Leftists support many policies, including gay marriage and women in combat, that seek to erase traditional gender roles seen as outdated and non-inclusive.
We are all humans, the left claims, and there is basically no difference between the two sexes. Modern progressives seemingly ignore indisputable and overwhelming evidence to the contrary in a vain adherence to their own flawed worldview.
One of the latest trends proving this cultural shift is found in the fashion world, in which more and more women are being signed to contracts as male models.
Major agencies including Ford Models are pioneering the new practice and one model, Casey Legler, is proudly self-identified as the only woman in the industry working full-time as a man.
She called the opportunity “a unique little moment that fashion is allowing to have happen.”
Another modeling agency, Saint Laurent, recently signed a woman to represent a 2013 campaign for Hedi Slimane’s menswear line.
One media report of the announcement touted the model’s “natural androgyny” and the agency presented a picture of her on its Facebook page with the caption, “The Saint Laurent Boy is a Girl.”
It is becoming easier to find proponents of creating a gender-neutral pronoun for the English language, similar to one recently adopted in Sweden.
These constant attacks on what were seen as bedrock principles throughout humanity are being waged more frequently and in a much bolder manner.
It may be easy for culture warriors to grow discouraged, but now more than ever we must align against those who seek to fundamentally transform this nation’s fabric in favor of moral relativity and societal confusion. Only by regaining a foothold in the national debate can we adequately raise these issues and constant infighting among the several factions of todays conservatism only further the left’s dominance in shaping public opinion.
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B. Christopher Agee

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