The 5 Reasons You MUST Watch Frack Nation

Phelim McAleer is an investigative journalist who has worked in Ireland, the UK and the United States. He is an incredibly intelligent man with a fearless attitude. “Asking the powerful, difficult questions is a great job,” claims McAleer at the start of his new documentary, “and I love it.”

McAleer has a passion for shining light on the inaccuracies in the “green” or environmental movement and makes films like Not Evil Just Wrong, the true cost of global warming hysteria. He made headlines when he called Al Gore to the carpet in a press conference in 2009 after a British High Court ruling that Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth contained significant errors and could no longer be taught in schools throughout the UK.

McAleer’s latest documentary takes on Josh Fox, the director of the movie Gasland and the new Matt Damon flick, Promise Land. He teamed up with Co-Director Magdalena Segieda in the summer of 2011 and began a quest to find the truth when it comes to hydraulic fracking and the sources of funding that fuel the “environmental left’s” obsession with stopping it.

Here are the top 5 reasons to give McAleer and Segieda your full attention when Frack Nation: A Journalis’s Search for the Fracking Truth premiers on Axs TV on January 22nd at 9pm EST.

1. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry. The movie is extremely well-made. There are some great bits of humor at Josh Fox’s expense and there are compelling stories of real people that will have your eyes welling up with tears. The movie is engaging and enjoyable.

2. You’ll be able to factually argue with enviro-wackos who say fracking is dangerous. This should probably be the number 1 reason to watch Frack Nation, but this writer can’t get past the quality of the film for having such a small budget.

“People, the majority of Americans, don’t know what fracking is,” says Segieda. The one “take-away” she hopes viewers will have is, “Here it is. Here is the true information from the people who live with it everyday. Then draw your own conclusions.”

You will learn what hydraulic fracking is, what the true impacts are on the environment and human life; and you’ll learn there are some on the environmental left that are denying impoverished peoples a cheap, clean, reliable source of abundant energy. The next time your crazy liberal Facebook friend posts some nonsense about tap water catching fire, you’ll have a fact-based, accurate rebuttal to stop them in their tracks.

3. No Spin. Frack Nation exposes the inappropriate relationships and apparent corruption between government officials and the anti-fracking movement. It displays in vivid color the hypocrisy of those who fight so fervently against fracking, which has been happening safely for decades. You will learn who is funding the left’s fight against fracking (Hint: Is the Cold War making a comeback? What does the UAE have to with it?). McAleer and Segieda brilliantly tell the stories of real people without the spin typically associated with a documentary about fossil fuels.

4. They deserve your support. The makers of Frack Nation went directly to the people for funding. Using a crowd-sourcing website called Kickstarter, McAleer and Segieda appealed to the public for $150,000 to produce the film. In a short internet commercial of sorts, McAleer says he simply wants to set the record straight. The filmmakers took no donations from corporations and the average donation amount was only $50. The response was overwhelming and they made Frack Nation with just over $200,000.

5. Josh Fox, Matt Damon and countless others are liars and deserve to be called out publicly. When McAleer points out that Fox knew “one of the most dramatic scenes in his documentary probably had nothing to do with fracking, but decided not to tell his audience,” Fox’s response is astounding. It was so revealing, in fact, that Fox has successfully gotten the video clip removed from internet sites like YouTube over and over again. What is he hiding? Why wouldn’t he want his audience to know the truth? By producing films that intentionally mislead the public, Fox and Damon have essentially created propaganda. It is disingenuous to portray a movie as fact when it is intentionally inaccurate. Fox and Damon and any others misleading the public are deserving of our scrutiny.

Cheap, abundant, reliable energy that could potentially revolutionize food production, bring industry, heat and a higher standard of living to impoverished peoples all over the world is at our fingertips. Why is there pushback?

Find the answers and enjoy a brilliantly made film about real Americans, famers and families tonight at 9:00 PM eastern on AXS TV.

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