The Hope and The Change, A Review

130 million homes, 7 key battleground states, the largest cable distribution of a political film in history… Could The Hope and The Change impact the November 6th presidential election? David Bossie and Stephen Bannon not only think it’s possible, they’re hoping for it.

David Bossie of Citizens United and Stephen Bannon of Victory Film Group have teamed up to present a game-changing political film that defies the typical rules of documentaries. Without endless tape of sob stories, pouring over boring statistics or shocking viewers with graphic photos, The Hope and The Change takes viewers into the lives of typical Americans throughout the country. It features 40 Obama voters who are registered Democrats or left-leaning independents. Their stories are compelling and relevant. They will affect you, and they will cause you to examine why you vote the way you do, regardless of political affiliation.

Bannon, the film’s director, says, “We wanted to show the real stories of real people… so we chose 40 democrats and independents, people who had voted for Obama in 2008, to tell their stories.”

The film took a year to complete with much of the pre-production work centered around polling and choosing the cast. Bannon chose Pat Caddell and Chandra Stewart, popular democrats, to lead that effort saying, “It was so important that we chose credible people to make this film. I think we achieved that.”

For conservatives, the film is almost a “told ya so” moment, but for Bannon, that’s not the intent. He says this film’s desired audience is the neighbor or friend who is having a little buyer’s remorse, someone who thought they were doing the right thing in voting for Obama. It’s for the grandmother who thought Obama would help her Medicare situation or the trucker who thought his business would thrive under lower gas prices. The Hope and The Change reminds everyone of the failed agenda and broken promises, but also offers true hope for a better future. In a sense, the film is giving these former Obama supporters permission to make a change.

The Hope and The Change has launched a massive ad campaign that spans the gamut of cable channels and will be aired multiple times throughout the last weeks of the campaign. The hour-long film, which will be in more than 130 million homes throughout the US and in key battleground states, could be a game-changer.

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Another Bannon/Bossie collaboration, Occupy Unmasked, hits theaters this week and is sure to be a controversial end to the amazing life of Andrew Breitbart who is prominently featured in the film. Read more here: Occupy Unmasked

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