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Sandy Hook Myth Revealed: Lanza did not use or have an AR-15 rifle

Molotov Mitchell is setting the record straight where the media refuses to do so.


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  1. Good video, the fact that we have no facts on the Newtown massacre is telling. I would think that Fox would do some heavy lifting but so far we haven’t heard dick.
    Mainly what guns were used, it is ghoulish to say so but when we have media on an AR frenzy we should know.
    Not an AR man myself, mostly because of the round and the action.

  2. Usually (on the news) when asked “what is an assault rifle” they say, “bushmaster.” It’s pretty funny that they’re identifying the brand name of a sub-par rifle. There are many better AR’s than bushmaster.

    1. Bill, neva eva let facts & knowledge get in the way of a headline or propaganda..on this or any other issue…But you’re right, it’s rather amazing…

  3. Really not a fan of AR’s either (honestly just don’t like how they feel – I grew up with German Mausers and anything that doesn’t have wooden furniture just feels weird). However I will say that the round shouldn’t be a big deal, one of the neat things about AR is you can reconfigure them to take several different calibers. I do feel that bushmaster is getting unfairly cast in this way. If someone decides to drive their ford down the sidewalk and kill 30 people, folks aren’t going to start flipping out about ford. These are unconscious machines that don’t move unless someone moves them. People determine what they’re used for, so blame people. Not a tool.

  4. Holy sheet!! Is there anything this fool says that is remotely true? What a disgrace!
    Perhaps he should take his own advise and actually do some investigating before he runs his mouth….then again, I suspect no one cares as long as he spouts your agenda.

    It was reported by police as early as 12/27 (perhaps earlier) that it was a shotgun in the trunk of his car. Earlier reports also made mistakes reporting: the shooter was Ryan Lanza, that the mother was killed at the school, that she worked at the school…. It’s disgraceful how people will use information to further their own agenda……who cares about details???? Lol….journalism just isn’t what it used to be!!

  5. Really, do we need to know what type and caliber or make of the weapon that killed the innocent at Sandy Hook, or would the American people, and the families of the victims, be better served to know why those twenty-seven people died? What was/were the causative factor(s)? I can forward an email to anyone that would like showing 63 school shootings since the nineties, and every last one of them was due to mental illness and/or the use of anti-depressant medication. The email gives the source for every single incident, it’s not some NRA agent trying to deceive the people. Maybe the answer to school shootings is not more gun laws, but rather a more circumspective and reasoned approach. Mental illness, failure to enforce existing laws, parental failure, permissive educational environments, over medication rather than treatment of and for the mentally ill, an overly lenient justice system, lack of adequate safety precautions in schools as well as many other public arenas, and the list just goes on. As the saying goes, over eating causes obesity, not the fork or spoon the over-eater uses. This knee jerk, over simplification, that labels gun control as the only answer is a political smoke screen for an agenda characteristic of the Left, not a well thought out attempt to address the real problem. Biden has been advocating gun control at least since the Clinton administration and the first assault weapon ban, which was a total failure. Stop and think, more people are killed each year by hammers than assault weapons. Of the total murders/homicides in the US, only 3% to 7% result from “assault weapons”.

  6. Here are a few thousand other such events that show the overriding cause for such shootings. Mental problems/illness and anti-depressants medications are almost the exclusive cause in virtually every one of them. How much have you heard about this fact? That’s right, nothing, because it isn’t synonymous with the gun control agenda.

    1. “overriding cause, almost exclusive in virtually…” This is nearly somewhat sort of accurate verbiage with little equivocation, or mental problems/illness right? Get off the stimulants and try making sense.

      1. I’m really sorry that you found yourself so disturbed by my syntax. Yours seem to be the typical response I’d expect from someone who enjoys being an antagonist, but is at the same time either unwilling or incapable of making relevant comments on the particular subject matter at hand. I’d enjoy having a discussion or debate with anyone on this subject, if they found themselves willing to delve a little “deeper” into a comment than some perceived grammatical or analytical errors, which in your case evidently caused you considerable umbrage.

        In light of your comment you come across as the type of person who, if offered a box of gold coins, would much rather complain about the packaging than evaluating the content inside. It is patently obvious you weren’t at all concerned with the research I mentioned that tended to show a direct correlation between those involved in these types of shootings and their antidepressant drug use. These drugs, which heretofore have not even been a part of the national debate, seem to have a profound effect on those individuals committing such heinous acts. Nonetheless, you chose instead to demean the verbiage, or grammatical accuracy of my post, yet offered no views on the content whatsoever.

        I would suggest you try divesting yourself of what on it’s face would appear to be a self-imposed sense of superiority or elitism, and instead attempt to proffer relevant comment(s) on the subject under discussion. There were numerous other comments on the topic being discussed, yet for some unknown reason the grammatical accuracy of the post came across as of far more importance to you. Be assured, life will go on my “friend”, in spite of my grammatically incorrect attempt at addressing the issue. But, just so you don’t labor under any misconception(s), my post in all honesty was actually meant to elicit further discussion on what I view as a very important subject, which if not resolved or at least address in a proactive manner, may have numerous unwanted consequences, not the least of which could very well result in new and unwarranted gun legislation further limiting our 2nd Amendment rights.

        1. It was not my intent to put you into a defensive posture; rather I hoped to point out the equivocal nature of your commentary. It reminds me of academic literature where the words “may” and “suggest” appear frequently and often in sequence. I did not mean to insult, merely to highlight an apparent trend. I will, however, try to find out what I can about the correlation, and/or possible causative effects of antidepressant therapies and gun violence. I am open to suggestion regarding relevant data sources.

          1. I apologize if my response was not tempered with a little less enmity and more tolerance of your views regarding what you posted. The fact is that this is a hot button issue for me as an ex-police officer/sportsman. It had an immediate impact because of the senseless loss of life in both instances, but especially in New Town where the victims were very young children. No rational, sane individual could perpetrate such carnage unless there were severe mental problems, and/or impairments involved. What bothered me the most was the almost immediate drive to use the death of these kids and their teachers and principal, to advance a gun control agenda from the first days after New Town. It started right off with officials promising to institute what we already new was a preordained assault weapon ban and new gun control legislation, without taking the time to learn the real cause or precipitator of those events. We as a people, as a nation, must concentrate on trying to take steps to prevent such occurrence from happening, not simply employing “knee jerk” Band-Aid fixes that won’t really solve anything but serve only to appease a segment of society that can’t see past the gun control issue. In both Aurora and New Town, as well as numerous others, a gun was the tool used, but it was not the killer. People like Adam Lanza in New Town, Ct., or James Holmes in Aurora, Co. were the killers. Why? That is the question that demands answers. If, as I suspect, drugs (most likely anti-depressants in a great many cases), and mental illness were and still are driving factors in such events, then should we not look further into the possibility that maybe we need to spend more time researching those areas too. No one solution will solve the problem, and more shootings are going to occur, but gun control is not the obvious “cure all” this administration seems to want us to believe it is.

            Obviously I don’t have the answers, but I know that simply coming up with new gun control legislation won’t stop the next shooting. All it will do is ensure that the law abiding citizen will be outgunned when an assault of this nature occurs. You don’t protect the people by disarming the law abiding citizens. I don’t foresee the criminal element in a rush to turn in their weapons. They’re probably hoping and praying it passes! It’s like the proverbial saying, [Sic] “… you don’t prevent obesity by banning forks and spoons.” Other factors such as single family homes, lack of parental involvement, permissiveness in society, a lack of school discipline, a war on religion, a lack of mandatory mental health evaluations/commitments for those in need of help, all are contributive factors. It just seems that we always want a single one size fits all answer to a complex problem which has been building for decades. There is no “one answer”, and it won’t be solved over night, but I think we can make real inroads into finding ways to making dramatic improvements if we take the time to do it right.

            As for the source(s) of my comments, starters might be at the following link

      2. He expressed himself clearly – and I agree with his point. If we want to understand how this and other shootings happened, we need to look closely at mental illness and anti-depressant medications. Sandy Hook is the most difficult to deal with, not only because the children were so little, but in the two months since the massacre, we have yet to see any indication whatsoever of a motive. Certainly a tox screen result, or evidence that he had gone off meds, would be of key interest.

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