UPDATE: Members say DAR stripped Christ from official guide book

Several Daughters of the American Revolution members spoke out recently about changes they say are in the works for the non-profit and historically patriotic organization.
One member described a complete whitewash of all Christianity from the group’s Ritual and Missal book — the official guide for DAR chaplains.
“Every single prayer closing in the name of Jesus Christ no longer included the name of Jesus Christ,” the member explained.
The DAR has consistently featured Christianity prominently in its platform until now, leading some to question the motives behind this move.
Another member said the group is “changing the legacy and intent of the Founding Ladies and rewriting the history of the Daughters of the American Revolution,” adding DAR leaders are “supposed to be doing it out of inclusion. To me, it’s exclusion.”
Other sources within the organization suggested its patriotic heritage took a hit in the recent draft, as well.
An oath to the Constitution and pledge to the flag are also conspicuously absent, some members say, though leadership purportedly promised to include them in subsequent editions.
A petition circulating among members to reverse the changes decries the organization’s “promotion and sanctioning of anti-Jesus and anti-Christian attitudes by simply eliminating the actual name of Jesus and all Christian symbols” and “going-along-to-get-along in order to maintain one’s personal status and standing.”
This nation continues to become more unrecognizable for those of us with traditional views.
Patriotism and faith are two traits I assumed would always be in style, but when heretofore stalwart pillars of American values such as the DAR join in the chorus of moral relativism, that assumption takes yet another blow.

Following the publication of this column, DAR released a statement refuting many of the allegations levied by sources within the organization. Click here for the full message.

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