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Sexy Side of Harvard

A few days ago Katie Pavlich pointed out on Townhall.com that Harvard was preparing to approve a kinky sex student organization on campus. Of course, this little venture was approved, as in the organization has become recognized by the University, however it is neither endorsed nor condemned by the administration. It may seem to some conservatives that this is taking the easy way out, and turning a blind eye on immorality on campus. Well, the latter may very well be true, but it is not the job of the Harvard administration to act as moral watchdogs over their “consenting adult” students.

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Agree or disagree with what these students are doing, the bottom line remains that it is protected speech. They are not forcing anyone to participate (that would negate the possibility of their acquiring the approval of the Harvard administration.) There is a definite level of hypocrisy involved in this, when conservatives decide to preach on legislating morality in one breath, and then cry foul over liberals seeking to fully secularize all of society, not just government. As an atheist conservative, I have been accused of being a RINO because of my steadfast refusal to promote making religious ideals the law of the land. On the other hand, I’ve repeatedly spoken against fellow atheists that are engaged in a crusade to remove all signs of religious life from public view. Why is that? It is quite a simple answer – my “bible” is the Constitution. Just as I regularly battle the atheists, and remind them that the First Amendment does not guarantee “freedom from religion”, conversely I try to remind the religious right that their beliefs have no place in government. On the contrary, there should be a concerted effort to protect religion from the filth of politics.

As for this sex club, indications are that they will not be having orgies in on-campus meeting rooms, and appear to be casting themselves as a safe place to discuss sexuality. Given the fact that many college students end up being victimized by sexual predators during their collegiate careers, this is not a bad thing. And as for conservatives crying about the moral decay in academia, I would gently suggest that once upon a time, as far as conservatives were concerned, what happened behind closed doors was private. People’s sex lives were a taboo topic of conversation, and we held respect for privacy in high regard. Perhaps it’s time to return to that way of thinking. After all, it’s not like conservatives don’t have their own quirks in this area.

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Liz Harrison (twitter: @GoldwaterGal)

Liz is a mostly-retired veteran political campaign worker, wife, mom, opinionated gal, fiscal conservative, anti-social-conservative, atheist, and foreign affairs/Mid-East politics junkie.

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