Right to Work vs. Union Thuggery and Thoughts On Obamacare


In Michigan the legislature and people voted for the right to work. That is for a person to have the choice of joining a union or not in a job he chooses. Naturally the unions and democrats are all upset at this and using physical violence and bullying tactics outside their rallies. On the floor of the Michigan legislature on Tuesday, Democratic state Rep. Douglas Geiss thundered: “We’re going to pass something that will undo 100 years of labor relations, and there will be blood. There will be repercussions!” I guess being pro choice only applies to a baby being ripped out of the mother’ s stomach according to democrats and liberals.
This is a great loss for liberals and democrats because they lose power and money. The unions are all a big money laundering racket for the government. In his first campaign Obama said if congress passed his 718 billion dollar stimulus package unemployment wouldn’t go above 5% and there would be many shovel ready jobs.”.They passed it and it went up to 10% and hovered around 8% for four years. Obama tried to cover that up by saying 8% is the new norm. I myself wondered where all the jobs were after such a massive stimulus package and Obama said “I guess shovel ready wasn’t as shovel ready as we thought.”
What is now coming out is the fact that most of the stimulus went to the labor and teachers unions to keep their jobs and pensions. They in turn have their employees pay dues to the unions who in turn use much of that money to support democrats and Obama. Hence it is money laundering by the democrat party. Those that oppose it such as Steve Crowder, a Fox News reporter, are beaten up and sworn at outside rallies just for questioning them about their tactics (see link below) ………….. Obamacare is really turning into quite a mess. When he first campaigned on it Obama said it would only cost 900 billion dollars. It grew to costing over a trillion dollars and now is costing two and a half trillion dollars and is not even implemented yet. There are many dangerous parts of it still in there and it is more than just health care, it’s total government control of your life. (see link below) Obama doesn’t know about American values or culture since he grew up in Indonesia and Kenya and was taught that America is responsible for all the problems in the world. All he knows is European Socialism which is what he’s fostering on us thru various ideologies and healthcare reform. He keeps using divisive language and tactics such as “tax the rich” when the rich are already taxed to the max. It is a known fact that 20% of the top wage earners pay 70% of the taxes and 50% of taxpayers don’t pay any taxes. Obama has people so hating the rich and agreeing they should pay more. He thinks that by taxing everyone that is how you create revenue when lowering taxes is what creates jobs and stimulates the economy. When people have more of their money they spend it on things that go back into the economy, but he doesn’t seem to grasp that idea.
Now to help pay for his Affordable Care Act which isn’t so affordable he is putting a $68 fee on everyone’s current insurance policy. He also took 718 billion dolars out of medicare to pay for his Obamcare and wants to takea nother 400 billion to help payo ff ourm assive debt he added six trillion dollars to. Meanwhile he’s taking a 4 week vacation in Hawaii that we are paying for at a cost of 4 million dollars. He also recenly purchased a 40 million dollar mansion in Hawaii. Where did he get that money from? But I digress.
There are many all encompassing government elements to Obamcare that can be repealed if the republicans get off their hands and get some cojones about them.
Grace-Marie Turner is president of the Galen Institute, one of the leading health policy organizations in the country and recently said:
“The Speaker (John Boehner) has made it very, very clear that while it’s going to be very difficult, if not impossible, to repeal the law as long as President Obama is in the White House – because he’d veto it – they have a lot of power to investigate and to defund,” Turner explained. “This administration needs more money to set up these federal exchanges, these marketplaces around the country because states are refusing to do it. And they need money to do that. Well, if the House doesn’t appropriate it, then what’s the administration going to do?”
Turner points out that Obamacare was trumpeted as having a $1 trillion cost over 10 years. That projection has already ballooned to $2.6 trillion, and the program isn’t even up and running yet. She said the administration may try to use some accounting tricks, and that’s where the GOP-led House can play a key role.
Repeal of certain components within the Obama health laws are also possible.
“There are some parts of this law for which there is bipartisan support for repeal, including the medical device tax,” said Turner, alluding to a growing concern among Senate Democrats over the impact of that tax. “Also, this Independent Payment Advisory Board, that is going to become the Medicare rationing board. There’s support on both sides of the aisle for (repeal of) that hatchet attempt and effort to cut back on health-care costs.”
But given the make-up of the incoming Senate and President Obama’s re-election, is there really a chance something like the Independent Payment Advisory Board could be scrapped?
“Absolutely. A lot of Democrats, including people very much on the left end of the continuum are saying that they do not believe that a bunch of 15 un-elected, unaccountable bureaucrats should have control over literally hundreds of billions of dollars in Medicare spending,”(These are the so called “death panels” that Sarah Palin spoke of and was mocked about. They are certainly in there and it is this 15 non elected person panel that decides who gets what treatment according to affordability by the government and your average life span. Those in their 60’s and up would just get minimum care and the younger people would get the best care according to how this panel sees it.) said Turner, who added that a growing number of Democrats also fears the almost complete lack of legislative or judicial oversight for the panel once it’s up and running.
Turner admitted such an effort at repeal would require two-thirds majorities in both the House and Senate since President Obama would be sure to veto the bill.

During the healthcare debate as Obama went to town hall meetings one woman said her mother was in her late 90’s and needed a heart bypass. No doctor would take her because of her age. She finally found a doctor who was so impressed with her yen to live he decided to take a chance and her mother lived to age 105. Obama’s response was “I’d just put her on a pain pill”(see link below). Shortly after that he gave a speech and said senior citizens should forgo expensive surgeries and just be given minimum care.” Meanwhile all of congress is exempt from Obamcare and many companies are getting vouchers to opt out.
As for the resistance movement outside of Washington, Turner said the signs are everywhere. She said many people are making the simple decision to pay the $95 fine for refusing to purchase health insurance instead of spending more than $5,000 on a policy, and businesses are also finding it much easier to drop coverage and pay the fine than provide the coverage mandated in the law. Meanwhile, nearly half the states are refusing to set up new health-care exchanges. And Turner said the vocal opposition of the Catholic Church to the contraception mandate is a key player in all of this as well.
“You’re seeing this Obamacare resistance movement starting with citizens and businesses and religious leaders and states, all saying we can’t comply with this law, and we’re going to find a way around it,

How Congress can ‘put brakes on’ Obamacare

Ray Stevens – We The People (Live) – YouTube

A group has come out with a simplfiied document of what’s in the 2000 page healthcare plan along with a video pointing out the pages for referaece. Here it is :

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  1. A Person/party can change all this spending by doing one very simple thing. It should be very easy to get the public on your side also. Here you go.

    Any and all bills passed by the congress has to have a cost on it. So if the bill goes over the cost limit then ALL persons who voted for it will have to pick up ANY AND ALL extra cost. This means all their personal, AND family items are now sold to fund what THEY voted for. These are the RICH 1% that do NOT pay their far share and should be required to do so!

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