Republicans must block Kerry and Hagel

All media outlets are reporting that, because Susan Rice has withdrawn her name from consideration, John Kerry is virtually certain to be nominated Secretary of State and RINO ex-Senator Chuck Hagel is likely to be nominated Secretary of Defense; and that Republicans will not oppose either nomination.

This would be a huge mistake and a heinous betrayal of conservative principles and grassroots conservatives. Here’s why.

Both of them are extreme, strident liberals. Both of them are on the extreme left of America’s political spectrum. John Kerry has, throughout his entire Senate career, supported deep defense cuts (including the cancellation of all crucial weapon programs from the F-15 Eagle to the B-2 bomber to the AH-64 attack helicopter) and the appeasement of America’s enemies. Listen to what his fellow Democrat Zell Miller has said about him. Hagel has supported the same policies, and to this day, he supports deep defense cuts; in fact, experts are worried that if nominated and confirmed, Hagel will propose and implement deep cuts that will make America unable to defend itself and its alliesMore here.

Hagel and Kerry also support deep, unilateral cuts in America’s nuclear arsenal and its eventual elimination; Hagel even sits on the board of a pacifist organization called Global Zero which supports such disastrous policies.

Hagel also supports unconditional talks with all of America’s enemies, including Iran; has opposed sanctions against Tehran, including listing the Islamic Revolution Guards’ Corps as a terrorist organization; endorsed Obama enthusiastically for President in 2008 and 2012; and opposes any vigorous action against America’s enemies, including Iran, including a bombing of Iran to stop its nuclear weapons programme. The only policies he supports are appeasement of America’s enemies.

He also has a huge conflict of interest – he serves on the board of Deutsche Bank, which cooperates closely with Iran’s government and does a lot of business in that country.

Last but not least, Hagel is a strident, dangerous enemy of Israel. He has repeatedly voted against resolutions condemning Israel’s enemies, has repeatedly refused to sign letters urging the executive branch to stand with Israel, has overtly made insulting comments about a “Jewish lobby” having a stranglehold on the Congress; has opposed sanctions against Israel’s enemies (such as Iran); and is supported by notorious Israel critics such as Stephen Walt and John Mearsheimer.

So he holds  extremely leftist, unacceptable views on the whole range of defense and foreign policy issues; he has a massive conflict of interest with Iran; and he’s been an enthusiastic Obama supporter since 2008.

And yet, Republicans plan to vote to confirm him?

If Republicans do so, it will be a huge betrayal of conservatives and conservative principles, and will pave the way for much deeper, disastrous defense cuts. This will be disastrous for America, the GOP, and conservatives.

Moreover, as the FPI points out, if Republicans, after forcing Susan Rice to withdraw her name from consideration, swoon over Kerry and Hagel and vote to confirm them, it will only lead ordinary Americans to think that Republicans are an anti-woman, anti-black party which opposed a black woman only to vote for two stridently liberal white men.

And Rice’s mistaken comments were a tiny infraction compared to the mistakes and extremely liberal views of Chuck Hagel and John Kerry.

Shame on Republicans if they don’t block the confirmation of Hagel and Kerry.

Dear Readers, please call your Congressman and both of your Senators and tell them that you will never vote for them again if they vote to confirm Hagel or Kerry.

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