Meet The Left’s New Sandra Fluke

Sandra Fluke became famous by becoming a martyr in the left’s straw man attempt to paint the GOP and all Conservatives as Anti-Women.  She played the sweet (30 year old) college girl who just needed Aunt Pelosi and her Democrats to push for the access of free birth control to all women. She was a truly victimized woman, being forced to live in a first world country going to Georgetown University.

I wish I had the money to go to Georgetown.

Unfortunately, what the right has not grasped yet, is this: ‘The War on Women’ will continue, for forever. That’s how the left rolls and that’s how this situation is going to go down. If we think it was simply a strategy to re-elect Democrats  in 2012, we’re screwed for a generation.

The left is not stopping, anytime soon. Example? Take this new video which is on every Liberal’s timeline and is one which will soon cause the likes of Rachel Maddow to cry on the air.

I would usually never post something of this nature. However, it’s reached a point when people are destined to see it sooner or later, so I might as well expose it while it can still be exposed.

Ladies and gentlemen (caution-adult references) the heroine of modern feminism:

I’m not sure where to get started, but I can take a whack at it. Here’s 6 fallacies, ideological holes and exagerations presented in Silverman’s video.

Number 1: Her voice is absolutely hideous, it sounds like cackling hyena that can only scream “free stuff” and “I see chauvinist males.” This isn’t really a problem, it just bugs me. It’s painful.

Number 2: We need to remind ourselves that these are the types of people who the left value as heroes in their movement. While we see our leaders as people with great visionaries, who help their image by helping and promoting others.  The left has a whole new spin.  Who do the left have? Sandra Fluke, Barack Obama, Rachel Maddow and the low life filth otherwise known as Bill Maher. People who boost themselves up by tearing others down, without ever really offering real and logical solutions.

This obviously shows us that they would get behind someone as narrow minded and disrespectful as Sarah Silverman, which they definitely have done.

Number 3: Considering the call for ‘equality’can only be voiced by a 42 year old woman, someone older than my own mom (gross) who’s mind is still obviously still thinking with her body instead of her head only re-affirms my position that I refuse to take her seriously. The whole “bro” thing? Really, who are you trying to talk to? From what she said: “if you ever want to see a vagina again” then it leaves me to stand by the position that she’s trying to reach out to those single  guys in their 20’s, who are more focused on sleeping around than actually settling down, which sounds way more fun to me. Considering she’s double the age of 20 and most women her age have started families, are managing incomes and running households, she’s making promo videos on why guys should be forced to join this feminist movement, “or else.”

Oh, and leave my mother out of it, Sarah. That’s flat out weird.

Number 4: You’re right. We’re all grown ups here, so I can agree with you: the way to a woman’s heart is not through an ultra sound. I always thought the way to a woman’s heart was through her…you know…heart.

Number 5: I feel degraded when you try to force us to support your “contraception equality” movement by comparing it to the alleged “billions of potential Americans we kill in our gym socks.” Seriously? Grow up. Congrats, Sarah. You got me. You presented a point so stupid, I literally could not combat it.

Number 6: I’m offended-really offended with  your gender degrading remarks towards both genders in the ending. First off, the notion that men would support you for the sole reason that we expect sex in return degrades the standards of men. Secondly, it degrades the independent mentality that you encourage women to have when you suggest that women will voluntarily offer sex to men because of support for your “contraception equality” movement.

The sad thing is, this is the type of language and people that the left supports and adore. They breath this type of rhetoric through their mental nostrils faster than a druggie. They love it, breath it, re-tweet it, dream it and speak it everyday. But what do I know? I’m a chauvinist male who doesn’t understand women.


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Tanner Brumbarger

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