Free (Liberal) Press Gets Private WH Meeting

Mediate is reporting that yesterday hosts from MSNBC were welcomed to the White House for a private meeting with the President. From Mediate:

——-On Tuesday afternoon, four of MSNBC’s primetime hosts were seen entering the West Wing for a meeting with President Obama.

The network’s 8 p.m. host Ed Schultz tweeted out that the group was meeting with the president to discuss the impending “fiscal cliff”:—— (Click here for the complete story from Mediaite)

Later in the day it was reported that writers for the Huffington Post, the Washington Post, and the Daily Kos were also included in the meeting.

Isn’t that so kind from President who hates holding press conferences; to just hold a private press conference instead? With influential members of the liberal media, at that? But don’t worry folks, MSNBC et al are totally objective news outlets. Completely.

A private press conference seems to negate the whole point of the “freedom of the press”, thus negating their reliability to be objective. It is official – our press is no longer free. They have willingly muzzled themselves at the expense of their duty to the American people.


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