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Dems: How can I Agree with Republicans? They have Cooties!

Thanks to severe media bias and a severe attack by this leftist administration people seem to be more afraid of being called a Republican than accept that we share many ‘conservative’ traits.

Conservative comedian Steven Crowder appeared on Fox and Friends this weekend to discuss his recent video. In this clip Crowder does a number of ‘man in the street’ interviews regarding the fiscal cliff, raising taxes and closing loopholes. Not surprisingly, Crowder found that many self prescribed Democrats had to rethink their position when they discovered personal policies were more in line with Republicans. In other words, especially when talking about financial issues, if people voted as they actually lived many more would vote conservative.

What? Can it be so?

Yes, many, many people do believe we need to control our spending, limit welfare, and give opportunities to capitalistic enterprises. Unfortunately, we allow the media and Democratic Party to fuel the fire with exaggerations and mis-truths (some might call them lies) to the point that many common sense citizens actually believe that Republicans have cooties. The problem Republicans have is the message is not getting out. But we can’t wait until the month before the 2014 elections to start sharing the mission and values of the Republican Party. And the time to change is now.  So watch this interview and then share it with your Democrat friends. Maybe they’ll be surprised too.

You can watch the complete video at

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Teresa Wendt

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