Was Massive Voter Fraud Involved?

As I pondered over this election I wondered how could so many pundits like Karl Rove, Dick Morris, Peggy Noonan all be so wrong when they are always so right on? They all had Romney and republicans winning by huge margins and said that more republicans than democrats showed up in the polls and in early voting? In the end Romney lost by 2% o the popular vote but 25% of the electoral vote. Then stories like this appeared. In South Carolina voting machines were coming up Obama when Romney’s name was pushed. In Wisconsin the same thing happened. A friend of mine said that in his district a women complained that every time she hit a vote for Romney, the whole dem line lit up so they had two members, one from each party come over to check it out. They did a few manipulations and everything apparently went alright then another man complained of the same thing. My friend didn’t have any problems. With electronic voting like this you wonder with so many hackers hacking into other people’s computers and stealing identities it is very possible they could hack into voting machines too.
Then there was this situation.
A couple from Forest Park showed up yesterday at the polls to vote just like they have ever since they turned 18. When it was their turn, they were both told that they had already voted via absentee ballot. The couple said that they have never voted absentee and wanted to know how this could happen.
Precinct officials told them that they could fill out a provisional ballot, which they did.
Before long, a number of other voters in the same precinct were told the same thing, that they had already voted via absentee ballots and that they also needed to fill out a provisional ballot. Eventually, voting officials said that the mistake was due to ‘human error’ and that anyone else in the same situation would likewise have to cast a provisional ballot. In Ohio, provisional ballots are not counted until 10 days after the election.
I have to wonder what the human error was and how so many absentee ballots have been cast and who they voted for? With so many reports of possible voter fraud, especially in Ohio and early voting, I suspect that Democrats had gone through a voter registration roll and requested a number of absentee ballots, filled them in and submitted them for counting. I’ve been saying all along that Obama would win this election one way or another. If not legally, then illegally.
Rush Limbaugh had this perspective saying the republican base did not show up as there were three million voters less than in 2009. Where were the 30,000 or more people that showed up at the Romney/Ryan rallies in Pa. While Obama only could fill half a stadium? Did all these Romney supporters think the other was going to vote for them thus nobody showed? In any event fair and square or not ,the devil got his due and we’ll face four more years of the same thing. Same House, same senate and same president.

Meanwhile wimpy house speaker John Boehner caved into Obama saying he’s ready to raise taxes and is ready to be led by the President instead of making Obama cave to them. You might as well put a collar and leash around Boehner’s neck.

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