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Dateline Washington, DC – David N. Bossie, President of Citizens United Productions, today announced that Citizens United will be calling nearly 1 million households to promote the film “The Hope and The Change.” The calls will encourage people to view “The Hope and The Change” on Nearly 40 million unique viewers go to every month and “The Hope and The Change” is featured on the Election Time: Behind The Politics section of the site.

Last weekend I was flipping through channels and saw this documentary playing. Because I had seen the producers talking about their movie I sat down and watched.

In essence, it follows a whole slew of voters (mostly Democrats) who voted for Obama in 2008. At the beginning of the movie, as the ’08 election winds down, they are excited and thrilled to be part of a history making event. They are full of enthusiasm and a hope for a better future. On inauguration day they talk about their hopes and dreams.

But, all too soon, they start to see a different side of this president and as jobs are lost and businesses closed they realize that the president lacks the leadership and experience to get this country on the road to recovery. The stars of this movie are real people, from a diverse socioeconomic and were found in seven swing states. Their tale is powerful. Their pain is real.

It’s a compelling story.You can watch the trailer here:

But you will want to follow their journey. Watch the entire movie free on hulu this weekend. The Hope and The Change

This is the kind of story that many ’08 Obama voters will be able to relate to and that they should see. They need to know it’s okay to vote differently this year. Share this with them. And then be a really good friend and take them to the polls on Tuesday.


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