Who The Hell Wants A Polite President?

After the first Presidential debate, it was clear who the winner was, not only the winner, but also it was clear who was more Presidential. Obama looked like he could not be a contestant on the T.V show Are you smarter than a fifth grader and if he was, he would have lost, to a fifth grader that is. Before the debate half the world knew Obama could not string two sentences together without a teleprompter, now the whole world knows, it was truly a pathetic showing.

What made Obama look even worse; right after the debate his beloved lame stream media ripped him apart as well. Even left wing screwball Bill Maher said that Obama must have taken the million dollars that Maher gave him and bought weed with it, which is the only explanation for appearing so disoriented, one after one the left came out and crucified him. For the first time Bill O’Reily agreed with Bill Maher when he said that the president  looked like he spent the pre-debate hours at a medical marijuana shop. However, the left could not stay mad at their sweet prince for long, because soon after, all the excuses started to pour out.

One by one, they started to dream up excuse after excuse why Obama did as bad as he did. Here are some of the lame excuses from the lame stream media.

  1.     It was not fair that Obama could not use his teleprompter.
  2.     Obama did not want to come across as an angry black man.
  3.     It’s John Kerry’s Fault for Being a Bad Romney Debate Impersonator.
  4.       Obama was pulling a rope-A-dope until the next debate.
  5.      Obama should watch more of Chris Matthews shows.
  6.       It was moderator Jim Lehrer’s fault
  7.      Romney lied and it caught Obama by surprise.
  8.      Then came this from Mr. Global Warming himself, Al Gore, the altitude in the Mile-High City was too much for him.

I am sure there are much more if you care to look, but I think this says it all. However, Charles Krauthammer was right on when he said, “People say Obama was off his game; this is his game. If you take away a prompter, this is his game.” I have to give Obama credit though, this is the first time since he has been in office that he did not blame President Bush, but if I look hard enough, I am sure I could find someone on the left who did.

But I think the best has to come from Obama himself, when on a radio interview he was asked why he did so poorly at the debate, Obama said that he “was just trying to be polite.” I started thinking who the hell wants a President to be polite. I guess he was being polite when he met with the President of Russia and was overheard saying that he could be more flexible when he wins his next term. FLEXIBLE, is Obama being nice going to make us less safe?

Let’s not forget how nice he has been to our enemies, the terrorists. He is so nice we cannot call them terrorists, because that would not be nice. When a Muslim terrorist killed 13 Americans at Fort Hood, we had to call it work place violence , not a terrorist attack, because he just wanted to be nice and God forbid we should hurt the feelings of our enemies. Let us not forget when he traveled around the world apologizing for America, because he was just trying to be nice. We are at war with Muslims, will Obama say that? Of course not, how nice would that be.

Well by Obama being polite, we have become less respected and less safe in the world, which is what being nice has gotten us. Look ,when you are over some one’s house for dinner and the meat is over cooked, you then are polite and say it was delicious. If your wife comes out in a new dress and asks you if it makes her look fat, you then are polite and say, no honey of course not. However, when you are a President trying to be re-elected, you should not be polite, but I guess with as many failed policies as Obama has, he had to be polite, because there is no way in hell he would be able to defend them.

This November 6, let us politely vote Obama out of office.


This is one man’s opinion.

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