How Many Hints Does Obama Have To Give Us

We have all heard of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, or as he is better known as just plain Lenin. Just in case you have not, Lenin was a Marxist Socialist who was one of the leaders during the Russian Revolution in 1917. Why do I bring this up you might ask? Because Lenin started his own underground newspaper in1905,  he called it Vperyod translated to English means forward. What is Obama’s campaign slogan? Forward, or in Russian Vperyod.

Now, I have to ask myself, did Obama make a mistake by calling his message Forward, not realizing it was used by a Marxist Socialist, or did he do it intentionally thinking that the American people would not put two and two together?  Well, I think he did it intentionally, I also think throughout his 2008 campaign up to now, he has dropped many hints along the way telling us who he really was, but America did not hear, oh we heard the words, but did not understand his meanings, we did not put two and two together.

We all remember that famous line when Obama confronted Joe the plumber on his campaign trail, when Obama said he thought it was a good idea to “spread the wealth around.” Why didn’t bells go off in everyone’s head? That is without a doubt a Socialist leaning statement.

How about his associating with that unrepentant terrorist, Bill Ayers? Why didn’t that wake anyone up? After all, birds of a feather flock together. Bill Ayers is still pushing his Socialist views and still wants to overthrow America, are they like two peas in a pod?

Obama sits in a church for 20 years with a preacher that thinks America is evil and said so in many of his sermons. Nevertheless, Obama says he never heard any talk like that, even though Obama called Rev. Wright his mentor. Still, no one put two and two together.

Everyone is familiar with the comments made by Obama when he said that the people living in the Mid-West “cling to their guns and religion,” why, is there is something wrong with guns and religion? Does anyone know the first two things to go when a communist government takes over? That’s right, guns and religion.

With Obama’s Cap & Trade idea, he said “energy costs would necessarily skyrocket.” His own energy secretary Steven Chu said their plan was to get gasoline prices as high as they can, just so they can promote their green energy agenda.  Where was the outcry when that happened?

Obama’s plan is to grow Government as big as he can, so that Government can control more and more of our lives. I do not understand why the people of this country do not see what is happening. Maybe they see it, but they think they are good ideas, maybe our country is leaning toward big Government control and less individual independence, I sure hope not.

Make no mistake Obama knows exactly what he is doing and don’t think he is not getting help from people who are even farther left then he is. Why do you think the big unions are behind him? Richard Trumka, head of the AFL – CIO says he got into the Labor movement because he wanted to promote “massive social change” or as we all know it, Socialism. Is that the reason the unions are promoting a new world order and calling for workers of the world to unite? Is that why Trumka visited the White House to meet with Obama over 48 times, and that is only the times he signed in.

Just look back at history, leaders like Hitler and Mussolini. Now I know the Liberals out there are going to jump all over me for comparing Obama to Hitler and Mussolini, but that is not what I am doing, Obama is nowhere close to those guys. What I am comparing are the circumstances, Both Hitler and Mussolini came into power by promising the people a better way of life, while behind the scenes they were planning Government takeover of everything. Then one day the people of those countries woke-up, only to find the country they were born in, was no more. Obama is also trying to grow Government so it can run our lives, because according to Obama, Government knows what is best for us. Oh, he will not come out and say that out right, but we can see by his actions and little innuendos what he is trying to do, at least some of us have, why doesn’t the rest of America?

We have had four years of Obama and his vision to “transform America” let us not make that mistake again.


This is one man’s opinion.

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  1. Remmember Beck & Hannity prior to obamas kingdom? you can lead them to water but can’t make them drink!

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