Rock Star Obama is Spinal Tap, not the Rolling Stones

It is now official.  Democrats will move rock star Barrack Obama’s big presidential nomination acceptance speech indoors.   Instead of performing before a crowd of 74,000 in an outdoor stadium, the show will now be put on in a much, much smaller indoor arena.

The “official” line, the cover story if you will, is that there are concerns about rain.  But convention sources disclosed that the real reasons for the switch were fears that many of the seats in the 74,000-seater Bank of America stadium would be empty.

The Time Warner arena holds about 20,000 people.  In rock star terms, reducing seating capacity from 74,000 to 20,000 is a significant downgrade.  It sounds like the Rolling Stones being forced to move a concert from the Rose Bowl to the Staples Center due to lagging ticket sales.

It illustrates how the biggesst rock star of the “progressive” Democratic Party is less like the Rolling Stones and more like Spinal Tap.


In 2008, when Obamamania was at a fever pitch, filling 84,000-seater Invesco Field in Denver, Colorado was child’s play. But waning voter enthusiasm has led to an embarrassing reduction in drawing power.   So far this year, Obama’s biggest crowd has been 14,000 in Columbus, Ohio.  Last week at a rally in Boulder, Colorado, 13,000 were in attendance.

Gone are the swooning fans, fainting on cue.  Missing are calls to bring his concert tour to major European cities.  The days when Barrack Obama was the biggest rock star on the planet have come and gone.  People are no longer throwing money in his direction.  The days of performing “Tonight I’m Gonna Rock You Tonight” are over.  Now he desperately sings “Gimme Some Money.”


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