Review for Last Ounce of Courage by Joseph Harris

Last Ounce of Courage lives up to the billing: A Story of Family, Faith and Freedom. I attended a preview screening of this film Tuesday, August 28 in Laurel hosted by executive producers and writers, Richard and Gina Headrick. Having been close friends with the Headricks for the past 18 years and working with them on various projects, and knowing the quality of their work, my expectations of the film were confirmed and surpassed. It is inspiring and entertaining, but most of all, it is a call to action for patriots to challenge the powers-that-be who would strip away our religious and civic freedoms.
The main character, Bob Revere, played by veteran actor Marshall Teague, is a pharmacist and the part time mayor of a small town which stopped displaying anything pertaining to Christmas years ago. Even the school’s Christmas play has become a winter play with the song Silent Night secularized. It all began years ago when a civil liberties organization forced a local mission to remove a cross from its building.
Bob is a Medal of Honor recipient, a real war hero who knows how to fight, but lost his will to stand after his son was killed in battle overseas. He has been alienated from his daughter-in-law and the son of his son who was killed, until they move back into town. His teen age grandson has questions about the father he never knew and Bob doesn’t want to talk about it. One day, when the topic of why the town no longer celebrates Christmas comes up, the grandson questions Bob and asks why no one will stand up for what’s right. This is the catalyst that gets Bob to thinking. Through a series of events, Bob finds his courage and realizes the importance of standing for what his son died for: freedom. He erects a Christmas tree and other Christmas displays, gets on the news and stirs up a firestorm. The villain in the movie is played by Fred Williamson and he is the representative of an organization like the ACLU and strikes terror in everyone’s heart, except for Bob, who challenges the “unconstitutionality” to celebrate Christmas or have any religious expression on public property.
Bob eventually replaces the cross on the mission and goes to jail, but the town is energized and stands by him to the end. There is a great surprise ending in two sections that no one will anticipate and it really closes out the film with a heart rending challenge to stand for God and liberty.
This film is endorsed by Dr. James Dobson, Chuck Norris, Governor Rick Perry, former Governor Mike Huckabee, and many others.
Pastor, promote this in your church and take a whole group. There is nothing in the film to embarrass you or your church. It is opening in over 1200 theaters nationwide September 14. There are a few exceptions where it is available earlier so go to for theater locations and ticket information. Joseph Harris

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