Never Stop Fighting ‘Til The Fighting’s Done

In Brian De Palma’s 1987 epic “The Untouchables,” a triumphant FBI Agent Eliot Ness tells Al Capone as the mobster is hauled off to prison to, “never stop fighting ’til the fighting’s done.”

This mantra is something frustrated conservatives and libertarians need to hear. These are frustrating times. President Barack Obama still leads in the polls and the Republican Party seems ready to toss grassroots activists out with the dirt they were grown in. It’s too easy to pack it in and say what a Hillary Clinton aide said to a reporter.

Now’s not the time.

Now is the time to keep fighting. It’s not over.

There are plenty of conservative and libertarians running for Congress who can help get the United States back to the limited, Constitution-following government it’s supposed to be. The latest Reason magazine should be read by all, because it includes a group of candidates out there who are libertarian(ish) and up for election. These include Ted Cruz in Texas, Justin Amash in Michigan, Jeff Flake in Arizona and Mia Love in Utah.

Another must read is a column by Mark Kreslin discussing “The Liberty Movement” and how more people appear to be interested in liberty. Kreslin believes more people are getting interested in liberty and could start participating in activism like they did with the Tea Party in 2010. He may be right. But it won’t happen if there aren’t others willing to fight along side with them.

Obama hasn’t won yet, and may not win at all. Even if he does, people still need to be engaged. They need to educate potential voters, talk to them about why freedom and liberty are so important to American life and how a broken system can be fixed. US News published an op-ed discussing the importance of economic freedom. It’s something people need to send to others. It’s education.

The Constitution is important and our leaders need to learn to pay more than just lip service to it. It means being active. It means participating in rallies, making phone calls, talking to fellow libertarians and conservatives and educating ourselves. There are plenty of books by Ayn Rand, Senator Rand Paul, Matt Kibbe and Yaron Brook which can help in education. Being properly prepared for debates and discussions are important. Planting a seed in someone’s mind goes a long way than just yelling and screaming buzzwords. It has to be done.

Keeping the U.S. from declining more may (may) even mean sucking things up and voting to elect Mitt Romney in November. But that’s a decision only individual voters can make.

It’s not time to give up. If we want freedom and liberty to stay alive, we can’t give up.

It’s time to fight.

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One Comment

  1. It certainly appears the “Eye” can see way beyond the ‘desert’ & has a solid grasp on how important unity is. What we now call ‘grassroot efforts’ is exactly what made our Land extroidinary. It is ‘the voiceS of the people’.I am not a Libertarian & suspect I shall never be, yet I share their love of Our Nation. A Libertarian friend often calls me one with a little “L” I also share their profound desire to defend our malinged & tattered Constitution & elect Christian driven legislative Congress. Frankly, IF someone shares at least most ofmy conservative values & patroitism, I don’t give afllip if they’re call Gumby Bear or Pokeymon…They are, like I, AMERICANS….& that’s THE important issue. Let’s unite & take charge…we can work on the rest later.
    Some of us ‘locals’ that listen to an independent (self built/owned radio station have organized a “Pro American Rally” this Saturday. Such speakers as Ted Cruz & syndicated talk show hosts as well as local celebs will take part. The vendors will sell food, t-shirts etc with ALL profit going to a PAC that will disbute it candidates in other states that need financial help. It is at the Commenrative Air Force Hanger The entire event is being sponsered by some nasty old oil companies & idividual that pay those low tax rates. ….

    I might be so bold to ask, “Which do you want the most…the disease or the feeling of relief when it’s cured.?”

    Yes (gulp) I’ll vote for Mitt

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