What Speech does the First Amendment Protect?



There is a situation happening in our country concerning freedom of speech. Let me first preface my article with this disclaimer, I in no way condone or support the statements made by the persons I am writing about. That being said, we are witnessing an amazing amount of hypocrisy coming from our governmental departments and the main stream press on a few similar statements being made now. We should start with the most recent developments concerning the Ex Marine who started the Facebook group Richmond Liberty Movement,

Brandon J. Raub of Chesterfield, VA.. Brandon was detained recently when the Chesterfield P.D., FBI and members of the Secret Service showed up on his doorstep to ask him questions about his Facebook posts. Notice I said “detained” not arrested. Another interesting note to keep in mind, Brandon was not read his Miranda rights either. By all accounts so far, he was detained for resisting arrest (which eyewitnesses state that he did not resist being taken). Detained for resisting an arrest that supposedly did not take place. Now there are reports that Brandon is being detained for “terroristic threats”. Is this the first person affected under the NDAA? Time will tell.

Contrast the above scenario with the not so distant remarks of those in the Occupy Wall St. movement. Brandon, on his Facebook page was speaking of revolution. With the press that the occupy protesters got, they always used it to spew anti-American revolution speech. “Let’s start the revolution”, they would say, “let’s kill the pigs!” they would say. These acts were, like Brandon’s, recorded. Although something in this case was different, In the occupy incidents the police were told to “stand down”, that’s right, stand down. Do not arrest or prosecute those speaking of revolution openly in the streets. They were told to stand down by the Obama White House. Somehow, I don’t see a difference in the remarks. But the Obama White House seen a group of people they could use to their political advantage. In fact these people were almost handpicked by the administration to protest Wall St.

There are three latest remarks by some black Americans that have been way over the top, we will start with the mildest to the most radicalized.

MSNBC”s latest political commentator Toure’, made a heavily racial and biased comment against the campaign of Mitt Romney. He stated that “Romney is engaged in the ‘Niggerization’ of Obama” in a latest ad by the Romney campaign. Apparently, Rush Limbaugh had it right when he said “Obama will not help race relations in America, he will exacerbate them“. The racial statements have drawn the fire of conservatives, I think rightly so. There is no room in our political discourse for some to use race as a tool to win an election, those actions should be condemned by both sides. Toure’s statements have also drawn the ire of Conservative Daily News’ Kira Davis. Kira, who is a proud, black conservative woman, has made a YouTube video condemning his use of the term also. It is a heartfelt description of her childhood experiences with racism, and how she and her friends dealt with it.

On Aug. 12, Michelle Williams, the chief of staff for the New Black Panther Party, (which Barack Obama has marched with before) has recently stated that on a Black Panther radio show that she hates crackers, and that as long as whites keep characterizing blacks as “niggers“, “[her feet] would be on your motherfucking necks.” Now as terrible as that statement sounds, the radio program sunk even lower moments later. Another host accused black people of being “too scared to drag white people out of their homes and skin them, hang them in trees, drag them behind trucks, and pour acid on them in the streets”. The host, who sounds like King Samir Shebazz of “kill cracker babies fame” also, repeats that call. He says, “that black folks should kill cracker babies moments after their born – by firebombing nurseries”. Not a mention from the main stream press. Not so much as a peep. No outrage. It is ugly and appalling that Americans would be calling for these actions against their own countrymen, based on skin color. We’ve surpassed this type of racism in America, or at least I thought we had.


Does the first amendment protect speech that threatens the safety of American citizens? Does it protect that of the political dissident? Does it protect the revolutionary calling for violence in the street? When does responsible speech meet freedom of speech, where is that line of demarkation? Clearly, calling for the murder of babies, and dragging human beings behind trucks does not meet the standards of a civilized society. Is this a sign of our times, where people are so blinded by their own hatred for others and their support for their separate factions, that in any case “the end justifies the means” to their goal, I say God forbid it. It is completely hypocritical of any government to apply the laws on its books unevenly. If our president and our government only apply the laws on the books to those who they consider political dissidents, they have become lawless, and they have failed the American people.

The statements by the people in this article have been very similar, yet only the Ex Marine is being detained, if we are to continue as a civilized society laws must be applied evenly, regardless of color or background. Either the government needs to arrest a few more people, or it needs to release Brandon J. Raub, as per habeas corpus.

The current Department of Justice under the “watchful” eye of Obama, will go down as being the most corrupt in our nations history.

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  1. DEATH to all the Black Panther terrorists.

    Where’s the KKK when we need them to balance things out?

    1. Thanks for reading Jeb. A race war is not profitable for the American people. We need real solutions to these problems.

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