Obama’s “Katrina Moment?”

In August 2005, President George W. Bush was castigated by the MSM for not landing in or near New Orleans, Louisiana, during the aftermath of hurricane Katrina. Never mind that he made that decision so as not to disrupt rescue operations that were ongoing. To this day we hear about Bush’s “non-action” whenever a hurricane forms. And we really hear about it when a hurricane comes close to New Orleans.

The MSM conveniently forgets to explain WHY Bush chose to not land. And they always fail to mention mayor Ray Nagin’s and governor Mary Landrieu’s “non-actions.”

Well, guess who discussed hurricane Isaac on the telephone from Air Force One. That’s right, President Barack Hussein “kill list” Obama as he was flying East from a previous campaign event in Colorado. That is the same Obama who, in 2005, called for a government that was “more serious, more somber” in dealing with both crises like hurricanes and what he called “systemic problems.” Obama also criticized Bush for not exhibiting a “greater sense of empathy” toward the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

On August 30, 2012, Obama held a campaign rally at the University of Virginia. At that same time “people in Louisiana were dealing with what the National Hurricane Center called “life-threatening hazards” caused by Hurricane Isaac.” At that rally, Obama said:

“Before I get started, let me just say that on the flight over here I was on the phone with our FEMA Director, Craig Fugate, and Janet Napolitano, who does our homeland security, as well as some of the governors and mayors who are now being affected and are having to deal with Hurricane Isaac.”

“And I think it’s important for all of us – because we know we’ve got some prayerful people here – to just let people on the coast know our thoughts are with you, our prayers are with you.”

Let’s see now. Bush caught hell from Obama and the MSM for not landing in New Orleans, but the MSM gave Obama a pass when he didn’t land. And it’s permissible for Obama, while campaigning in Virginia, to express his empathy by saying that “our thoughts are with you, our prayers are with you.” I guess that’s Obama’s way of being “more serious, more somber.”

Are we beginning to see a double standard here?

UPDATE: see this Weekly Standard article for more about Obama’s empathy.

But that’s just my opinion.

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  1. And on August 31st, he did it again, going to Fort Bliss in West Texas and back to D.C. without stopping in Louisiana! No mention of a flyover either!

  2. Really? I don’t want to accuse you of hoping a storm would hit New Orleans so you could go, “But, look! See? WAAAAAAAAH” like a little cry baby idiot, but I just don’t know how to finish this sentence. The difference of severity between Katrina and Isaac is fairly noticeable. As always, Republicans love to feel like the world has treated them unfairly so they can act like a martyr. Go yell at an empty chair.

      1. Right, and I’m saying that the situations are not comparable, and that is why only the fringe media is discussing it.

        By the way, I live in Eric Cantor’s district, and last year we were hit with an earthquake and a hurricane in the same week. Cantor decided that this was an opportunity to play politics with disaster relief money.

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