Ms.Christine O’Donnell, Occupy vs. Tea Party Isn’t Your Idea!

Christine O’Donnell

Christine O’Donnell was a witch and now she’s a thief!  The failed Delaware Republican senate candidate has announced she will be hosting an Occupy vs. Tea Party debate during her ‘Troublemaker Fest,’ which is being held the same week as the Republican National Convention.  The problem is that the idea of having two most prominent political grassroots organizations in the country duking it out over a debate wasn’t her idea. It’s the brainchild of Gordon Gebert.

Gebert is a musician–who decided that it would be interesting to bring these two groups together in a Survivor/Big Brother modeled reality series.  He has almost worked himself to death trying to market the idea and procuring sponsors.  When his modest goal of raising $10,000 was met, he planned on starting filming in Tampa during the convention when news of O’Donnell’s brazen thievery became public.

I first posted about Occupy vs. Tea Party last April when I was able to have an interview with Mr. Gebert and found his project smart and original.  I updated my post when he began his $10,000 fundraising effort.  This theft of intellectual property is beyond outrageous.  It seems Christine O’Donnell is nothing, but a leech.  A leech that appears to have no respect for Mr. Gebert or his work– which has been copyrighted and trademarked since November of 2011.   Robert Stacy McCain also posted about this today and reported that according to Lawrence Sinclair of the Sinclair News-LS News Group:

During the Thursday conference call O’Donnell was attempting to reach a broadcasting deal with The Young Turks while representing that she was the creator and owner of the trademark. Despite repeatedly being told by the Trademark & Copyright owner she could not use his brand in her Tampa event, O’Donnell decided she wanted to take her chances in litigation and told Gebert, “sue me.” According to spokesperson for Mr. Gebert after becoming aware of O’Donnell’s press release by email which was picked up by ABC News, Yahoo News, Huffington Post, and others; Attorney’s for Mr. Gebert will file the necessary documents to obtain a restraining order prohibiting O’Donnell from proceeding with the unauthorized use of his trademark brand to promote her event.

Later today, once the Sinclair piece went up, O’Donnell lawyered up and continues to say that she is the legal owner of Occupy vs. Tea Party.  However, according to Sinclair, O’Donnell did removed  the erroneous claim that this event will be hosted by Chuck Woolery.  The Troublemaker Fest website has also been tweaked a bit. On the other hand, Woolery has expressed interest in hosting Occupy vs. Tea Party, but only Gebert’s copyrighted version of the show.

Now, Gebert did receive a text message from Rachel Torres, O’Donnell’s assistant, saying:

However, when Sinclair tried to contact O’Donnell for an interview about this latest development, he got this.


Ms. O’Donnell, we’re not harassing you.  You stole someone else’s intellectual property, which makes you a thief.  It’s time to admit it Ms. O’Donnell.  You were an embarrassment in 2010 and you’re an embarrassment now.

Full disclosure: I have donated $50 to Gordon Gebert’s project to help fund the pilot episode

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