Autistic Man Denied Transplant

Should a person with autism be allowed a transplant? As mother to a son with autism I’d like to think the decision should be made by our family after consulting with our doctors. But I am able to wax philosophically because my son is healthy.

Karen Corb of Pennsylvania,  is not so fortunate. Her son Paul inherited the same condition that her husband died from at age 28. The only cure for this heart ailment is a transplant.

Unfortunately, transplant decision makers in Pennsylvania have told Mrs. Corby that her son is not eligible for a transplant. The key reason is that he is autistic. They are concerned that he will not be able to manage the medications necessary following a transplant.

To have a transplant is a difficult decision. Surely not one to be made lightly. Yet, should this young man be denied because of his autism? Should people with other “special needs” not be afforded the same consideration as those who are “normal”?

One of the reasons our family has followed the Obamacare debate is because we are concerned that our son would be able to receive the same quality care as his sister who does not come with a label next to her name. We are concerned that a bureaucrat would make decisions about our son’s health care based on their understanding of his contribution to society.

What do you think?

If you want to sign Mrs. Corby’s petition to the Senate to get her son placed on the transplant list click Petitions.

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Teresa Wendt

A stay at home mom who runs a household, manages the finances, cares for a young adult autistic son, and cooks from scratch. Traveling from Arizona to Alaska summer of 2013. Visit my blog at and follow along.

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  1. The left’s idea of population control and abortion under BOcare rid the earth of the “undesirables” the disabled and the elderly.

    1. Sadly, I believe you are right. And unfortunately, one day this will bite them in the butt. They, their child, or beloved parent will become ill or maybe tragically injured and some unnamed bureaucrat will make decisions on their health care. Only then will they realize the folly of their choice.

      1. BO and his family as well as the rest of those in the Congress,Senate,Unions Hollywood,those who work in this administration,and the wealthy will not be victims of rationing and denial of care because they will either be exempt or able to afford quality care and have their choice of Doc’s and treatment. So much for the middle working class, we are the ones getting screwed under this president if he is re-elected.

  2. The process for determining who receives a transplant is well outside the purview of those who need them. Much about the process resembles the gravest concerns expressed by those anxious about the potential for “bureaucratic rationing” of healthcare under Pres. Obama’s healthcare policies.

    Perhaps these “death panels” do not receive much attention because few are affected by their decisions; perhaps the rest of us don’t WANT to know about them – or we want to pretend we can ignore them, just because we have “dodged a bullet” and don’t have our / our loved one’s fate left in the hands of others.

    It is awful to be so powerless about a life-and-death matter. It is awful to SEE how such decisions ARE made, and know how unfair and unenlightened those given such decision-making power can be.

    But, these procedures ARE extremely costly, and even more scarce than the money to pay for the specialized care involved are the transplantable organs themselves. So, how could we EXPECT such decisions to be made? What else can you call it BUT “rationing”?

    We are all a part of this, actively or by omission. What will WE decide? What will YOU decide? Lives depend on your answers…..

  3. John makes some exccellent points re: ‘death panels’. What else would you call them? When they were first tagged with this label everyone thoughtit was horrid & said ‘no no, this is not Nazi
    Germany” We mortals often think (convince ourselves) that denying an existance will make it disappear…at least for now…Well later may be to late..Somehow we must find a way to keep this in the spotlight!”It’s the squeaky wheel that gets greased” Anyone with suggestions?

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