The Speech Mitt Romney SHOULD Make

My name is Mitt Romney, and I’m asking for the job of President of the United States of America. The reason I’m asking is that I fully realize that the President of the United States works for you…..you don’t work for him!

You have now spent over half a year working for the government at all levels. Only now until the end of the year are the fruits of your labor your own! This country was not founded on the principal that you should spend half your life working to support government, but that you should endeavor to work for your own betterment and for the benefit of your family.

We all have a vital decision to make this November, probably the most important political decision we have ever had to make. We have to decide what kind of country we want to live in.

Make no mistake about it, this election is NOT about what happened at a private equity firm in 1999, nor is it about taxes, tax returns, or even our abysmal economy! There is much more at stake!

This election is really about guiding philosophy! What system of government do we want? Do we want a government of the people, for the people and by the people or do we want a nation where some people work to support the government, and the rest don’t work at all?

This great nation was founded on the principal that all persons are entitled to the fruits of their labor. That if they work hard and use their God given talents, they can expect to reap rewards, and those rewards will accrue to them! It was founded on the principal that government should be severely limited, and should only do those few things that can be done more efficiently by a united group of several states, than those states could do by themselves. A government of the people, for the people and run by the people. A government that serves the will of the people, not one that dictates to them!

That is the system I envision. We have wandered far from the path of the governmental limits set forth in our constitution. I know some say that is a really old document, and maybe is not pertinent today. But the United States I remember, The United States I learned about in history class, The United States I hope to preserve is one in which each of it’s citizens feels a sense of pride and dignity borne of their own accomplishments! It is one in which each person has the opportunity to rise to whatever level of accomplishment their intellect and sweat can lead them! One in which success at whatever level is not punished, but admired and aspired to by others! It is a country in which it’s individuals have accomplished more in 200 + years than in all the millennium that have gone before; where the entrepreneurial spirit is second to none. This is the America men like Jefferson, Washington and Henry envisioned, and it is the one I envision!

If you want a government that is a nanny state, a government that robs self esteem by punishing success and rewarding failure; if you want a government run by dictatorial fiat, where you are told what you can eat, how big a soda you can buy, where you can work, who your neighbor will be, and what you can and cannot do inside your own home, then you should vote for Barrack Obama, for that is HIS vision of America. He sees us all as ignorant children, who must be cared for and dictated to by a benevolent all powerful Government. If you want a country where more people collect food stamps than open businesses, where the standard of living steadily declines until all but the politically elite are equally poor, then vote for Barrack Obama, he is your man!

If on the other hand, you want to live in a country that applauds your ability, if you want a President who has faith in you, who knows the entrepreneurial spirit engendered by you can once again make our economy the strongest in the world, if you want to go to sleep at night knowing we are working to reduce our debt so our children will not be saddled with the burdens of our excesses, then hire me, I can do the job! If you want a country that lives by the rule of law, where justice applies equally to all if you want to live in a stable environment where business planning is not a guessing game due to ever shifting tax and regulatory issues, then I am your man.

Time and time again Barrack Obama has defied the will of your elected representatives, and they have not responded. He has refused to uphold our laws, he has neglected to secure our borders, he has defied lawful subpoenas, and he has given trillions of our dollars to support his friends! He has ignored our constitution and has encouraged others to defy our laws. He has encouraged turmoil among our enemies and he has offended our friends. If this is the kind of government you want, by all means re-elect Barrack Obama.

But make no mistake! My vision for America is a return to the dignity, the freedom and the liberty our forefathers fought for us to have. I have a plan to take us there, but I need your help! I believe in you and I know that together we can again live in a land where our children aren’t born owing their government $43,000 before they take their first breath! We can live in a land where freedom is universal and prosperity is available to all who are willing to take responsibility for themselves, and put in the honest effort. We can again live in a country where integrity is of paramount value and every campaign ad is not accompanied by “Pinocchios”. I have a vision of an America that works, where everyone who wants to work can find a job, and anyone can make a future for themselves and their families. Where words like integrity, honesty, prudence and virtue mean something once again!

My name is Mitt Romney and I want to work … for you!

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Bruce MacIsaac

Bruce MacIsaac graduated from Computer Systems Institute with an AS Degree in Systems Analysis. He spent twenty years in the computer field, most recently as the Internet Administrator for Westco Internet. He is a published poet, professional truck driver, and blogger. His interests include politics, travel, Commercial Motor Carrier regulations, spirituality and aviation.

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