Did Stimulus Money Go Overseas?

Whether we agreed with massive stimulus program or not, most Americans believed that the money would be used to fund and create American jobs. Unfortunately, it looks like a lot of the funds went overseas. Listen as John Sununu, former Governor of New Hampshire and Chief of Staff under George HW Bush, enlightens Andrea Mitchell:

Democrats are having to admit that stimulus funds were spent overseas.

DNC Spokeswoman Melanie Roussell says on KPCC radio that stimulus money was spent overseas:

“The Obama campaign didn’t dispute that some stimulus dollars went to buy foreign products, but said the RNC and Romney attacks distort the record of stimulus spending and its positive effect on the U.S. economy,” write Neil King and Peter Nicholas in The Wall Street Journal .

This week the Republican National Committee unveiled a website highlighting instances when the Obama administration funded projects that ended up awarding work to overseas companies. The site includes an interactive world map and highlights what numerous cases of spending under the 2009 Recovery Act where money was awarded to foreign companies and workers. Visit the website: Obamanomicas Outsourced

Watch the infomercial:

Team Obama’s reponse? An ironic reminder that this president has fought to end tax breaks for companies that outsource…

So, as the Obama campaign continues to erroneously call Romney an ‘out-sourcer’ perhaps they should review their own history. Obama may have to claim the RNC’s coined title ‘Outsourcer-in-Chief’.

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