Obama’s Second Term? It Ain’t Pretty

If anyone is wondering what a second term under Obama would look like, all you have to do is open your eyes and look around, because what his second term would bring is right under our noses. The unrest that is spreading all over Europe is only a glimpse of what is headed our way. The entitlement society run amuck we see every day on our television screens. Retiring at the age of 50 with full pay, handing mothers a check whenever they have a baby, giving 19 year olds money so they can move out on their own, one month of vacation days with pay, one month of sick days with pay, free health care, free dental care, not being able to fire someone once they hold a job for one year.

Those are just a few of the many benefits that the governments of Europe have mandated for their people, for years those people have enjoyed the gravy train, but the party is over. Margaret Thatcher said; “The problem with socialism, is that eventually you run out of other People’s money.” Why didn’t anyone listen to her back then? Socialism has never worked anywhere in the world it was tried, history proves that. But still there are people who think that it is the best thing since sliced bread, I just don’t understand their way of thinking. The only people who benefit from Socialism, are the people who are on top of the socialist government, the rest become slaves of an entitlement society, that eventually dries up when the money runs out.

When the meltdown in Europe began, economists were saying that the U.S. is only 10 years away from becoming just like Europe, if we did not change our spending habits, now they are saying it is only 5 years away. Still, we have a President who is ignoring all the signs and wants to keep spending and borrowing to fund more and more entitlement programs, when he said he wanted to transform America, most people didn’t think he meant towards a socialist system. I do believe that Obama, in his heart truly believes in a Socialist type government, I do not think he is a full blown Socialist, but he does believe in a big government, that should take care of all the needs of the people. So did Europe.

If Obama is reelected, (God forbid) we will not have to wait 5 years for our economy to crumble, it will happen within his final term. The dominoes are already starting to fall in this country, just look around, look at all the states that are in trouble with enormous deficits. Our biggest state California, is in big, big trouble because of all their social programs and pension obligations. Cities around the country are going bankrupt, in California alone; three cities have filed for bankruptcy. One by one, they are starting to fall, and still there are people who sit in front of their television sets and say, “that could never happen here.” Well, it already started.

Let’s be clear, Obama did not cause this mess, but he has done nothing to stop it either. As a matter of fact, the policies he has put in place have only made our situation worse. History is just now telling us, that Franklin Roosevelt only prolonged the great depression with his social programs, not help end it, can’t we learn from that?

A second term for Obama means:

*We have already had 3 recovery summers, can we afford another 4?

*More government borrowing

*More government spending

*Higher deficits

*More failed policies (Click here to see how some of his policies have hurt America)

*More executive orders so he can bypass Congress

*He will pick and choose which laws he wants to enforce

*Higher taxes

*High unemployment

*Less job creation

*More failed green energy projects

*More government regulation

*Less individual freedoms

*More people on welfare

This is only a partial list, who knows what else he has up his sleeve if he is re-elected, eventually he will turn us into a European type society, let us get America back on track to becoming America again.

This is one man’s opinion.

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