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Mitt’s Olympic Gaffe–Or Was It?

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You heard about Mitt Romney’s ‘gaffe’ during an interview on NBC last week. During the interview Brian Williams asked Romney who headed up the 2002 Salt Lake Winter Olympics about any concerns. Romney answered as only the President and CEO of the first Olympics following 9-11 could, with his concerns. The security questions mentioned by Romney were being reported just weeks earlier. (Guardian July 12)

If you missed the NBC interview here is the pertinent part. It’s just 30 seconds…

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Apparently, the Brits took offense that anyone would question their readiness. Much was made of this gaffe and Romney was the butt of jokes for the next two days. Media outlets in the U.S. jumped in to the fray claiming that Romney had made a terrible mistake, but not generally stating what the mistake was (perhaps, due to the realization this was not really a faux pas at all.)

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Today, there are new stories. Those of traffic issues, poor ticket availability but empty stands, and yes, security problems.

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Picture number 2

Interesting. Kind of makes you wonder about the readiness…

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