Again with the gray hair thing? Really?

In March 2009, the mainstream media and left-wing blogs seemed obsessed with whether or not President Obama had been coloring his hair. ABC News led with “Is Obama Going Gray?” while the Huffington Post plastered “Presidents Gone Gray!” on their front page. The New York Times went with “For Young President, Flecks of Gray.” Television, newspaper and online news sources couldn’t get enough before and after photos of the newly inaugurated president and some even interviewed the official White House barber.

However, this wasn’t the first reference to Obama’s coif. It had been a popular topic of conversation on the campaign trail as well.

At the Al Smith dinner in October 2008, then candidate Obama blamed Hillary Clinton for his grey hair saying, “She is the primary reason I have all this gray in my hair now.”

Months earlier at a rally in Indiana, he told seniors to “watch out” because he’s going to look older.

“The gray is coming quick,” he told supporter in Colorado over the summer. “By the time I’m sworn in, I will look the part.” – Minneapolis Conservative Examiner

Fastforward to the latest fundraising email from the Obama campaign. In an email titled “Gray hairs,” the president claims that he had “significantly fewer gray hairs” than he does today and that Michelle teases him about it, saying he “earned” the gray.

Perhaps the president is auditioning for a Just For Men commercial, but should anyone really care about the president’s hair? In the context that it speaks to the incredible vanity and Hollywood mentality of the president, maybe we should. He has consistently displayed extreme vanity and self-promotion, lacking in humility.

The distract-with-gray-hair-strategy has proven successful in the past with media types picking up on the insignificant “news” story and consequently distracting from economic, foreign affairs and scandal stories that with any other president would have been front-page-worthy. Time will tell if the gray hair meme has any breathe left in it, but the Blaze has it posted today, complete with before and after photos.

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  1. ummmmm…you have an article about his hair and before-and-after pics on this site too. ya think that maybe the better way to ‘cover’ this story would have been to ignore it?

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