We Should Thank Obama

America owes President Barack Hussein Obama a very big “thank you” for his unimaginable arrogance. Obama was so far outside the traditional American political values and traditions that he awakened a complacent US. His political ineptness has also spelled the relegation of the Democrat Party to minority status. I wish I could say death, but the Democrat Party will never die as long as there are freeloaders whose votes can be bought with handouts.

Obama’s arrogance has also exposed Senator Harry Reid (D – NV) and Representative Nancy Pelosi (D – CA) as the political hacks we have always known them to be. Both have been willing to do whatever Obama wants to advance his political agenda of Socialism. Politics motivated every policy action by Reid and Pelosi.

The Democrat Party focused on winning elections – period. Over the last eight decades Democrats acquired a voting bloc by targeting disparate groups for favored treatment. Their focus on this acquisition phase slowly shifted from governing to winning elections. The Democrat Party bought loyalty by increasing dependency and increasingly rewarding it. Vote buying has created a welfare state is the cause of the EU problem and is about to become one for America. Both parties are guilty of buying votes, but the Democrat Party is almost completely dependent upon the vote buying strategy. There strategy of favored treatment was effective in the short-run, but is certain to fail in the long-run. Without unlimited resources, and with shrinking access to them, the Democrat Party, without a governing strategy, will also be without an election strategy.

One major problem with the Democrat Party’s giveaway strategy is that once started, giveaways are difficult, if not impossible, to stop, even as resources become more scarce. Social Security and Medicare, two Democrat “gifts,” come to mind.

The Democrat Party became more and more out of touch with much of productive America. It has become the party of theft, stealing from the producers so that it can give to non-producers in an attempt to buy enough votes to remain relevant. The theft strategy worked when government had what appeared to be unlimited resources. Producers just shrugged and kept on producing. But now, with the economy in the tank, the tax burden so high, and the number of people on the dole increasing, producers are becoming less and less willing to be stolen from. They are learning that resources are not unlimited, and their position is more and more becoming untenable.

The Democrat Party is now in panic mode. They understand what is coming in November, 2012. Obama is a problem, but he is not the problem. But most Democrats don’t believe that. They think Obama is the problem. They are quite certain that their policies could not possibly be the problem. This is where the “thanks Obama” part comes in. He has called attention to Democrat Party policies through his ineptness and corruption, worsening of the economy, complete disregard for the Constitution, and his socialist “reallocation” policies.

In 2008, the Democrat Party was willing to dump Hillary Clinton for Obama. He had no track record and no past other than his carefully-scripted autobiography that he personally created, as well as a and a highly compliant media. He was charismatic and eloquent. Joe Biden described him as “the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy.” Now, in 2012, the Obama reelection dream has become a nightmare. As the 2012 election approaches, Democrats are starting to realize that he is a major political problem. He has made few friends and has few defenders other than his appointees and “green energy” loan recipients.

Can the Democrats dump Obama? They would if they could. But the fundamental flaw in the Democrat’s vote-buying scheme has been exposed. Dumping Obama would not remedy this situation. Most Democrats do not see their strategy as the problem. For the moment they are focused on Obama and his increasing liability. In Edward Klein’s book, The Amateur, Klein says that Bill Clinton called Obama an amateur and incompetent, and said that he doesn’t know how to be president.

It is easy to blame Obama for what the Democrat Party is doing and has done. It would have eventually come out as resources became more and more scarce and more difficult to steal. Obama merely exposed the weakness of the Democrat Party sooner. The Republican Party is not that much better than the Democrat Party. Republicans just less bad. Both parties will have to clean up their acts. The only way to end vote-buying is complete adherence to the principles of the Constitution as intended by our Founders Fathers.

But that’s just my opinion.

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