ObamaCare, What Are We Afraid Of?

Like everyone else in the country, I am waiting to see what the Supreme Court has to say about ObamaCare. All the polls show that a majority of the people are against ObamaCare and want it to go away. I have to admit, I am one of those people. But I was thinking, why are so many people against it, when no one has even read it? A bill with over twenty-seven-hundred pages, that no one has read on either side. The people who are for it, have not read it, as well as the people who are against it, have not read it. Since I cannot speak for the people who are for it, I am going to tell you why I am against it.

1. The way it was past; we saw Washington at its worst, a bill that big, which will take over one-sixth of the economy should not have been done in a partisan way. The Democrats stood in the way of everything the Republicans wanted to do. The Democrats lied, cheated, bribed and strong armed people in their own party who were against it, just to get it done. Which cost many of them their jobs.

2. No one read the bill; how can any politician, look us in the face and tell us this is a good bill without even knowing what is in it. This is ridiculous, a bill this big and no one reads it before they vote on it, I am willing to bet the President still does not know what is in his own bill. I was really surprised that the whole country was not in an uproar when Nancy Pelosi went on national television and said, “we have to pass the bill, so we can find out what is in it.” That still makes my blood boil. This woman thinks the American people are stupid.

3. Doctors are against it; health care, what the hell do politicians know about health care? Nothing, 86% of all doctors are against ObamaCare. Now I don’t know about you, but I am going to trust a doctors opinion on a health care matter, before I trust a politicians, especially the ones that do not take the time to read the bill.

4. Other countries; all you have to do is look around to other countries that also have socialized medicine and you will see that it just does not work. I was watching a news show that had representatives of Great Britain pleading with us not to follow what they did with their health care. They described how people have to wait months to get an appointment to see a doctor, the government decides when and if you need surgery, medicine is in short supply and on and on about how bad it was, I will take the word of experience any day.

5. Big Government; I don’t know about you, but I think government is too big as it is, I do not want them growing any bigger. This government seems to be all about control, they say that they want to help us when all they really want is to control our everyday lives. Do you really want the government deciding what is good for your health, or do you want your doctor to tell you? I for one am voting for my doctor.

6. Boy it came fast; Am I the only one that finds it strange, one day Obama is President, the next day he has a twenty-seven hundred page health care bill in his hand. Did anyone ever think about where it came from and who wrote it, I still don’t know. I know damn sure, the president did not write it. It seems to me that liberals have been working on this for years, just waiting for the right time to spring it on the American people.

Do we need health care reform? Yes we do, but let us keep the government out of it. History has taught us, that government screws-up almost everything it touches, the government cannot even run itself, how can we trust them with something that big and that should remain between a doctor and a patient.
I vote repeal and replace.

This is one man’s opinion

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    1. There are some parts of the bill that are good, but the bill in it’s entirety is a disaster.

  1. I’ve read many of Chris Vaca’s articles. I’ve enjoyed them all. But this was by far his best.
    Right on, Chris !! And after what happened today, his final sentence reveals our only hope. Repeal and replace.

    1. Replace with what, don’t see any alternative pitched? Where does the 86% of physicians are against Obamacare- what is source? I call BS. Bill is not perfect, but the mandate is a conservative/Republican born idea. Mandating people to get insurance (like we do with car, home, etc.) is not a revolutionary idea or some socialist idea gone haywire.

  2. I live in Australia and we have ‘socialised health care’. As an observer I dont see what the fuss is about.
    Our country has had medicare for all for over 30 years and we also have private health care for those that can afford it .
    Doctors in my country applause public health as it does not discrimnate.
    If you have a power tool accident at work and cut you’re fingers off they don’t ask you “have you got insurance?”
    NO they do not. They attempt to stitch your hand together and if successful they then ask you
    “have you got private health cover?”
    you say yes then here’s the bill
    you say no then ok you’re poor the rich who pay the most taxes pay for your hand.
    As the Country that has the biggest divide between rich and poor IN the developed world you should understand that this is just.
    The rest of the world is waiting for you to catch up.

  3. I was very happy to see this article, but I am confused by some of your objections. In regards to “Democrats stood in the way of everything the Republicans wanted to do.” What exactly did the Republican’s propose? I didn’t hear a single counter proposal but I may have missed it in the media blitz. Also, Democrats had the people’s mandate with a majority in both House and Senate. If Democrats are proposing a bill with a majority and republicans are rejecting it, how exactly are Democrats standing in the way of Republicans?
    As to your second point, I assure you people have read this. More in line with reality though, Dateline did a survey on Congress people reading the bills they pass before signing off on them. This was shortly after the Patriot Act was signed. They read about 10% of 10% of the things that come across their desk, and yet somehow the laws get passed and implemented.
    Point 3: most congresspersons were lawyers and many studied laws involving medicine as it is a very lucrative profession. Also, I couldn’t find anything reliable that pointed to anything other than a split or an overall favoring of Obamacare amongst doctors. I found some things on the blogosphere that were closer to your number, but they also said the ultimate goal of Obamacare was for the illuminati to use it as a black market for organ trades with aliens…
    Point 4: This one confuses me a lot. Lots of other countries do far better with far few dollars spent on health care. Custom fit, high quality limb replacements in India are in the thousandths of a percent of that spent in America (both measured in current US dollars). The list is too long here but the UN and other international organizations rate our health care as comparable with that of most south american countries. Cuba beats us by a lot in investment to return ratio.
    Point 5: government dictating your healthcare has been roundly proven false by too many fact checking organizations to count. Its old news. And as far as big government, the PPACA (obamacare) puts a huge number of people into the private sector. It doesn’t insure or treat anyone. you also posed that currently doctors decide what is good for us and the government will under obamacare. Since the latter isnt the case, what about the former? Wouldn’t you say that private insurance companies are currently doing that? Ones focused on profits who classify women as preexisting conditions and cancer survivors as uninsurable? Why doesn’t that bother you?
    Point 6: I couldn’t agree more. The POTUS is constitutionally restricted from introducing legislation. And Democrats sure had a plan about this. It was actually modeled on the Republican’s 1989 Heritage Foundation brief titled “Assuring Affordable Health Care for All Americans.” Republican’s in fact, championed this very idea for 20 years before decrying it. Mitt Romney enacted a portion of it in Massachusetts.
    To your closing: I wonder how you view the history of American when you see that the government ruins everything it touches. Government has been behind every forward movement since the country’s inception and always fighting the greed of the market to push forward. The declaration of independence, the constitution, child labor laws, 40 hour work weeks, universal suffrage, the end of slavery, meat packing plant sanitation, the nation’s infrastructure, a public education system, trash removal, interstate highways, killing Nazis, and microwave ovens. Sure the government messed up a whole bunch of other stuff but if you list it, you really do damage to the idea of American Excpetionalism.
    My closing: You may want to examine something substantive about the law that you disagree with. Might I suggest disagreeing with the individual mandate or the 80/20 rule? In general though, stay away from the “job-killer” talking point, it is another thoroughly disproved claim.

    1. Johan, I am sorry but you could not be more wrong with your facts. I guess you will believe the facts you find and I will believe the facts I find.Our founding fathers set this country up to have a small Federal Government and have the states run themselves.
      In closing the Government should have a very small role in the private sector hours worked and wages should be determined by the market, not the Government. The Government puts restrictions on the private sector that hinder not help. A person that owns a business should be able to hire, fire and promote whoever he wants and for what ever reason.
      A very wise man once said, If you hear a knock on the door and it is the Government saying they are there to help you, slam the door, lock it and hide under the bed.

      1. “In closing the Government should have a very small role in the private sector hours worked and wages should be determined by the market, not the Government. The Government puts restrictions on the private sector that hinder not help. A person that owns a business should be able to hire, fire and promote whoever he wants and for what ever reason.” I guess where I disagree on this is the last time in American History when the government had a hands-off approach to the private sector, it was the so-called Liassez faire economic policies of 19th century libertarianism. The market dictated that entrances and exits could be locked to keep workers from taking breaks. Lots of workers died as a result of asphyxiation from fires or polutants. See the triangle shirtwaist factory fire of 1903. Children as young as ten mined coal, and died for their labor. If you got injured in an industrial accident – oh well. Workers lived in factory owned apartments, buying cost inflated products from the company to keep them beholden to their employers and perpetually in debt. Monopolies did away with competition. I just don’t think that a boss today should be able to grope a co-worker and fire her when she complains about it, then use that intimidation to keep other victims from crying out. I don’t think that when a company packages something labeled ground beef, that it should be able to contain 5% rat feces. I believe that when I buy baby formula, it should not contain mercury. I think bundling mortgage backed securities and hedging against them is a dangerous financial practice. I’m glad that usery is illegal and that banks can’t collectively agree to charge $50 in overdraft fees. Am I for current and past administrations ignoring the 4th, 6th, and eighth amendments? No. I think that is government overstepping its bounds and going quite literally breaking the highest law of the land. But do we both enjoy the benefits of an educated populace, government maintained infrastructure, and cheap safe food? You bet we do. Government has a place, and ignoring the people it governs is not it.

        1. Johan, I agree that there should be some Government oversight, safety of the American people is one, telling a person how they should run their business, or how much they have to pay someone, no. If the Government would stop at educating and recommending that would be fine, but they overstep with restricting laws and regulation.

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