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Jon Stewart: A Rich Man Attacking Other Rich Men For Being Rich

Jon Stewart, the host of ‘The Daily Show’ on Comedy Central, will soon be among the richest of Americans, on which he discriminates against on a daily basis.

On the Daily Show, Stewart openly criticizes, condemns and mocks rich Americans, even though he is one himself. But you wouldn’t expect him to admit that on his own TV show, or, anywhere for that matter.

As it turns out, Jon Stewart purchased not one, but two homes in Red Bank New Jersey between 2009 & 2010. The costs of the two homes were marked at 3,800,000 dollars, and 3,200,000 dollars. While all of this is occurring, many who watch Stewart’s show overlook the fact that Stewart makes over 300 times that of the average American salary.

When referencing these homes, look to the Daily Caller:

He doesn’t technically own those homes: Using a trick mastered by countless one-percenters, the properties were purchased by private trusts. Stewart’s trusts are named after his pets.

The super-wealthy often make big-ticket purchases through trusts in order to protect their other assets from lawsuits, diminish estate tax liability, and avoid public scrutiny.

Sounds a little sneaky to me.

This is ironic, because one cannot forget when Stewart screamed up and down about Romney’s salary which was estimated to be 57,000 dollars a day. However, he did not speak about his salary, which is predicted to be at 41,000 dollars per day. According to Celebrity Net Worth, his salary is placed at 15 million dollars, while he makes 80 million dollars.

Again, referencing The Daily Caller:

The Empire State issued its first “state tax warrant” for the couple’s failure to pay $476.03, sending the notice to the address of the KLS Professional Advisors Group, the financial firm that manages Stewart’s money.

New York issued a second lien in September 2008, this time a $3,225.63 demand to Stewart’s wife Tracey — erroneously spelled “Tracy” but sent to the address of the Stewarts’ trusts.

In fact, Stewart is on pace to be richer than Romney, when Stewart reaches Romney’s current age. Ironic, considering Romney is Stewart’s favorite target.  The difference between Stewart & Romney is apparent, Stewart & his wife are listed by the New York State department as a “tax delinquents.” Romney & his wife are not.

Stewart has always been one to distance himself from the ‘1%ers’ of the rest of the nation, primarily because the Liberal audience he targets simply despises them, for reasons very blurred.

In the media world, if you really want to succeed, be honest. If you don’t have anything to hide, then don’t try to hide. And, if you plan on criticizing people about not paying enough taxes, then you should at least not be listed as a Tax Delinquent by the state of New York. In America, we call that hypocrisy. I’m not sure what they call it where Jon Stewart is from.

While Romney is wealthy, he created hundreds of jobs and has run a state very successfully. Oh, and he saved Olympics. Jon Stewart, simply has created no jobs other than the people he pays to run his condescending, low-rated show.

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