Dueling Constitutions: US Individual Rights or UN Human Rights?

When the difference between Communism and Capitalism is who holds the deed, details matter. Human rights and Individual rights are ideologies that hold similar comparisons. Human rights and Communism work hand-in-hand where a collective society is managed. On the other hand, Capitalism works with a representative government in protecting individual rights so individual’s decisions are protected. We should seek an America that gets back to a Constitutional Republic rather than a Declared Democracy.

The United Nations Declaration of Human Rights is the antithesis to the United States Constitution. For over 60 years, these two documents have be sublimated into our culture causing cognitive dissonance…conflicting ideologies. Most advocates of a Constitutional Republic who argue these rights are labeled as anarchists but quite the contrary. They seek a small but strong government to protect minority individual rights from a democratic mob, such as corporations, community organizations, unions and even governments.

With Human Rights, governments act as a separate entity. They develop processes for implementation, test / poll, alter where necessary and control the environment to provide, monitor and protect human rights. These processes create communal responsibility and stymies growth and innovation while allowing the politically connected to manipulate the masses.

The impact of American Exceptionalism on mankind cannot be disputed. This is because a representative government protects individual rights. People in pursuit of their own ideas, innovations and invention without the approval of the politically connected (known as capitalism &amp). Henry Ford would not have revolutionized the automobile industry, Steve Jobs the computer industry or Thomas Edison if they needed approval of bureaucrats. If George Washington, Martin Luther King or Susan B. Anthony needed the approval of government, Americans, blacks and women would not enjoy the individual rights that once were suppressed.

Local governments follow laws and grant qualifications passed to them from other entities. Predetermined agendas are pushed by bureaucrats and trained facilitators who lead the masses to pursue a consensus. When that solution is not met, the agenda is tabled for another day. Stakeholders are solicited even though they do not have any collateral at stake. Once implemented, these plans and ordinances are impossible to change. Stakeholders advocate and connive to protect their self-interest, pitting neighbor against each other. With Human Rights, it justifies racism, sexism or just discrimination as the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, or the one. This is known as Utilitarianism.

Advocates who pursue “separation of Church and State” or secular religion are advocating for United Nations Declaration of Human Rights true democracy where freedom of worship is pursued.

When you hear a Constitutional Republic advocate, they wish you to make the decisions necessary to help yourself, your family and your community. You will not need the consensus of the community to farm your land, to build a factory or apartment complex or run your local business in servicing the community.

Next time you hear Human Rights, they are telling you that they wish to lead you in a world where predetermined solutions are made. They seek communal consensus in managing society from a politically-connected top-down structure.

It’s a shame that our elected officials hardly use Individual Rights and the U.S. Constitution. No wonder the teaching of our Constitution in our schools have been removed and labeled as religious.

It is nothing about religion. It’s about freedom!

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