Life “With” or “Without” Government, Your Choice.

With the Obama Machine moving “Forward”, and Julia marching by their side, it is no wonder that so many lazy American’s would want to vote for this President and the policies of the left.  If you are one of those people who like to be dependent on a group of people who truly do not care about you, know nothing about you, and will cut you off as soon as you start costing  the “collective” to much.  Then Voting for Obama is what you should be doing in November.  However, if you are a person who loves self-reliance and the value of hard work and freedom, then voting for a empty soda can, would be a better choice than Obama.
With this new “Life of Julia” mantra and propaganda now being pushed by the Obama/Biden campaign, it shows what their philosophical view on government truly is. The original intent of America,  was never to have the proper role of government to be a provider of a life for the citizenry.  According to John Locke; “The great and chief end, therefore, of men’s uniting into commonwealths, and putting themselves under government, is the preservation of their property.”  Locke continues in a more detailed purpose and role of government; ” In the State of nature there wants a known and indifferent judge, with authority to determine all differences according to the law”(Second Treatise p 155).
However, the Progressives in American, virtually the entire left wing party, is all about more government.  They believe they know better. They believe they know how “WE THE PEOPLE” should live our lives.  They believe that without them, we will just sit around, get fat, watch TV, and eat Doritos.  My response to that is, “So what if that is all we do, so as long as that individual is paying for his TV, house, cable, chips and whatever else he/she wants to get fat off of?”  Who cares what choices they make?  If in an truly equal society, if someone were to actually die from eating and living that way their entire lives,healthcare costs would be on them, and not the system.  Having others pay for someone else is not equal or fair by any means.  it is theft.
Now, the Life of Julia shows exactly that.  The Left and Obama shows us that without Government, women, “Julia” could not have even lived without the controlling or “guiding” hand of big government.  The first picture is of this faceless white child being indoctrinated by the Obama Education Camps(Head Start).  It also fails to point out that home schooled children exist in American society.

Fortunately for Julia, she did not have a choice to attend government controlled school or even exist because of the Liberal culture of death.  The parents of Julia did not want to be “Punished with a baby,” according to some people.

While Mitt Romney would destroy 20% of indoctrination programs according to the Obama Campaign.  So basically under Mitt Romney, the American people would have more money in their pockets, in order to make the choice which school to attend.  OR, they would be able to use that saved money to home school “their Children,” not the governments children.


This government supported and controlled “Life of Julia” shows that the left believes, maybe women cannot make it on their own because the father or husband is to lazy to help with the family.  Maybe, as well as the policy of free love and no family according to Progressives, the father has left the mother of Julia (to attend Occupy Wall Street classes at some Liberal college).  Julia now being left with the choice of abortion, or forced into a life of government control.  She now “chooses” the second government option instead of “choosing” to have an abortion that was paid for by other people who were not involved in her life.  However, because of evil Republicans, who did not want to pay for her contraception, they are now forced to pay for her schooling, even though it may not be their child, but then again, the left loves open relationships and free sex and love every where, so it might be one of theirs.
Later in Julia’s life she needs to get a job, to pay for her fatherless child, but because her education was so terrible in the government run school, she now needs government assistance to force the labor market to allow her to have a job, it would not be “fair” or “equal” because she wants a job, but cannot get one.  Even though other people who have the job she wants are more qualified to be in that position she wants.

   Now that Julia has her job she is unqualified for, she now needs the government to force the private company to pay her more than she may be worth because she is a special group of people, “women.”  This group needs special help because according to the government, women cannot earn higher pay or any job that pays well on their own.   Government must divide us, in order to destroy ourselves.




Now that the government has provided an entire existence for this special needs, unqualified woman who was not smart enough to do it herself.  Julia wants to retire.  She turns to no other place, than the government for more help.  Because she does not know how to feed herself when she is elderly and retired.  She now needs the government to provide her with housing and food because while she as a business owner, the government took all of her money to pay for the contraception and other school loans for the other “Julia’s” out there, along with her fatherless son Zachary.  So therefore, Julia never had a free life, a life to choose which job or school she wanted to attend, which house or car to life in or drive.  The clothes she wore were from only one store because the rest went out of business because of government taxing the others to pay for Julia and the rest of society.  The store is now only a store that has basic colors, nothing fancy, because it is run by the government and they cannot afford to pay for your specific needs and wants because they have to provide for your healthcare, housing, electric cars, college education, job enforcement, and on and on.  When will you wake up? When will America realize that government run anything turns out for the worst.  All of these programs that the retired Julia wants will not exist, because at some point there will be no more businesses to pay for the system that is in place. At some point everything will collapse, and enter “The Hunger Games” or just like “Atlas Shrugged.”

America, you need to wake up, this may be the last chance we have to save this great nation

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Dan Colby (@dpcolby)

I am a United States Army Veteran. Conservative Warrior. Christian. Student. I love America, Capitalism. I am also sick and tired of the Progressive/Left destroying America and her traditions. It is time we stand up and take the fight to them. #WAR I will not sit down any longer. I will not be silent, I refuse to sit by and watch these radicals destroy everything that I love. The fight is on. Let us begin with the ability to fight lies with reason.

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