Is The Fat Lady Starting To Sing?

After winning the trifecta of delegates in DC, Maryland, and Wisconsin Mitt Romney looks like he’s on a roll. Is it time for the other candidates to step aside and allow the Republican Party to begin coalescing?

Can Republicans afford for Rick Santorum to stay in the fight? A new PPP poll has Romney overtaking Santorum in Pennsylvania.  How much damage will a Pennsylvania loss do to Rick Santorum’s future aspirations? We are reminded that he is a young candidate and looking towards the next one or two election cycles will have time to form a stronger political machine necessary to run for president.

Many are asking why Gingrich is still in the race. He did demonstrate that one can be out of the public eye for twenty years and yet still remain relevant. But to what end? Santorum supporters believe that Gingrich is splitting the ‘true conservative’ vote; that the race would have been much closer if Gingrich had bowed out earlier.

The blog-o-sphere is rife with opinions and questions. How much damage are Republican candidates doing to the party? To the final nominee? Can the GOP come together with enough support to win in November? Even with a poor record, an incumbent president will be difficult to beat.

The ‘Anyone but Mitt’ group still seems to be looking for their candidate. Is the anger towards ‘ObamaCare’ so powerful that the Anti-Mitt crowd will lose sight of the bigger prize? Or are conservatives willing to believe when Romney says emphatically that he will repeal the Health Care law? The strong showing in Wisconsin and possible surge in Santorum’s home state seem to indicate that more are seeing Romney as the likely candidate and one who might beat Obama.

For many conservative voters Mitt Romney was not the first choice. But they could remember he was seen by many as the more conservative candidate when running against John McCain in 2008. He might not have all the social conservative views that the religious right espouse but he his business background and fiscal experience are causing many to lean his direction. Recent endorsements by Tea Party favorites Marco Rubio (FL), Ron Johnson (WI) and even Jim DeMint (SC) should be worth review by fiscal conservatives.

There are rumors today that Santorum and Gingrich may unite. But is it too late? To paraphrase the colloquialism, the fat lady might not yet be singing, but she may be warming up.



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Teresa Wendt

A stay at home mom who runs a household, manages the finances, cares for a young adult autistic son, and cooks from scratch. Traveling from Arizona to Alaska summer of 2013. Visit my blog at and follow along.

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  1. I’m in the anybody-but-Mitt camp, so I don’t want others to get out if it means Mitt is still IN.

    We’re free to choose whatever faith you want to believe in this country, but we shouldn’t have to vote for a presidential candidate who’s a member of a WAY-out-in-left-field religion, just so we can prove that we have religious freedom in this country.


    1. John,
      Thanks for the comments. I realize there are many who are against Romney due to his religion. I wonder how similar this concern is to the anti-Catholicism experienced by John F Kennedy when he ran? Wish I had paid more attention to my History teachers.

      This issue has been a popular topic of conversation around our dinner table. Some people say that Mormonism is a cult. It seems that many religions, including my own, could be called cult-like. But our family has concluded that we would rather have a president who has a faith (as long as it is not anti-American) and who holds to it, than a president whose actions speak louder than his words. It is certainly possible that our family’s experience is very different from others because of our many interactions with the large number of LDS members in Arizona.

      One concern I have is whether continued intra-party competition will hurt the eventual nominee. There are those who say it makes the candidate stronger. I am certain that the Democratic party fight hard to retain their incumbency.

      In any case, politics and religion are always interesting.

  2. It looks like a re-do of 2008 to me. We MUST RALLY AROUND THE MILQUETOAST SOCIALIST OR THE REAL SOCIALIST WILL WIN mantra the semi-socialist GOP trouts each and every election year. If you guys want socialism so bad, I will help you as I vote third party. Perhaps the people will gorge on enough government that they turn green enough to spew this fascist nonsense out of the GOP. I will not be holding my breath though. It seems only total collapse(aka Greece)will remove the socialist scales from their collectivist eyes. Then and only then will I pull the lever again for the GOP.

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