Is My Tie Conservative Enough? A Fun Look Into How Fashion Correlates With Politics

Does fashion matter in politics?

Yes it does. Should it matter? Well, let’s take a look.

If you are involved with politics, not only does your policy proposals have to have an appeal, but so does your appearance. While I strongly believe that a politician’s attire has nothing to do with his stance on the issues, the public seems to focus on their physical appearance. For men, the basic attire is a dark suit, white shirt and a solid or striped tie. However, I like to do various styles. For example: I believe polka-dot ties are a huge plus!

If male politicians were to wear polka-dot ties, I am pretty confident that it will be a huge appeal to women voters. In politics, you can look conservative, but classy as well. Brooks Brothers, Joseph A. Banks, Stafford and Ralph Lauren are some of the basic conservative attire wore by public officials. This is indeed a good choice of clothing, and I approve it, and at times, will wear it, but I also like to add spice to it. Express, Banana Republic and Gap are my favorites. Their pattern of shirts and ties are somewhat similar to Brook Brothers and Stafford, but with a little bit more of a classy appeal.

For female politicians, a blue or black dress or pants suit is very common and acceptable. I view it as less risky and not too loud. I also believe that women should proudly wear colors that will attribute to their personalities. I believe they should stay away from wearing excessive jewelry and makeup. It takes away from the authentic attributes of the individual.

Many people view suspenders as something only worn by elderly men. I strongly oppose that view. I have come to find out that suspenders have become very popular in this modern era. Not only do young men wear them, but it is becoming popular among young women as well. S.E. Cupp of GBTV has worn suspenders on several occasions, and it has a very unique and effective look on her. I like to do a little mix of everything to bring out my personal fashion appeal. For example: striped shirt with a polka dot tie is conservative and stylish at the same time.

Dressy plaid pants are a favorite of mine because it brings attention to you and it stands out and people like things that are different. Also, certain ties have certain relevance in politics. If I was giving a State of the Union address, I’ll sport a black or blue suit, white wide-collar shirt, and a blue tie to symbolize unity, compassion and the strength of the nation. If I am giving a national security speech, I would wear a red tie to symbolize power, authority, and boldness. A gold tie with a blue shirt symbolizes confidence and optimism. This would be appropriate for a politician accepting the nomination for their party. They have to be hopeful and confident not only for their party, but for the nation as well.

Another fashion style that has huge appeal is pinstripes. I cannot describe in words how big of an affect pinstripes has on people. A three-piece or two-piece pinstripe suit is very spicy and yet conservative. I would sport a pinstripe suit with a polka-dot tie so that attention is brought to the suit, the tie, and the appeal of the person. It has a sophisticated, eloquent, classy and conservative touch.

I am also an huge advocate of the bowtie. Yes, the bowtie. I realize for some individuals, it’s a love-hate thing. The bowtie is a sign of confidence, uniqueness, boldness and fashion etiquette. I realize majority of politicians save the bowtie wearing for a tuxedo and formal events, but I would encourage them to wear it more often. People would view this as someone who isn’t afraid to step outside the norm and develop his own style without fear of backlash or disapproval.

Many politicians may worry that some colors or styles may be too bold or too loud. I would like to argue that sometimes it is good to take a risk because it will appeal to the younger and more modern generation. I like the striped ties and solid ties, but taking a risk is more acceptable. Suspenders, polka dot ties, plaid pants are not expected in politics. Therefore, if you bring about change in fashion, it is quite possible that more and more people would be attracted to the politician, as well as to politics.

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