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If I Wanted America To Fail

This video is making the rounds. As the author at American Digest said:

Watch this. Then send it to everyone you know. Wait a month. Send it again. Wait a month…..

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  1. This video does an excellent job of explaining exactly the progressive agenda. Empowering the government instead of the governed. The naive sheeple like Tom in the previous comment need you to ignore what has been done, what is being done and what will be done to bring down that shining city on the hill all while lying to you about it.

    Unfortunately, far too many will rebuke this truth for one of climate change, socialist Utopias and unicorns – because all of those things are real.

  2. You guys are excellent propagandists, but very poor truth-tellers, unfortunately. Thanks for getting all the Chickens lined up to vote for Colonel Sanders!

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