Charles Krauthammer Takes Apart Obama’s Fairness Doctrine

H/T Weasel Zippers

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  1. Raise the Capital Gains Tax that affects (taxes) everyone in this country who has any type of retirement account, an action that has been proven to cause less revenues to the government; just to pass those taxes on to the “have-nots” in the name of “fairness?” This guy will bring us down to a third-world economy under his interpretation of “fairness.” How can a sane citizenry elect this guy?

  2. This has been a sad period in american history. Entitlement is justified for citizens and there are too many from other nations that believe it belongs to them and feel justified in stealing from the future of american children. The polititions here today are not only placate liberals but are very liberal with the blood of innocent so that they can live as they wish. What is everlasting life when they will be spending it with the selfish group thats in power now. I will be spending mine in heaven with the lord. In pure peace not on the lookout for other life to destroy in order to maintain my idea of fairness. Freedom cannot be stolen and i am saddened by the sad look on this presidents face. I would not like to see him or his familiy spend their eternal lives with these cut thoat liberals that are so liberal with the blood of innocents that sacraficed for their own decendants. Stealing from america ? Cry some american tears. The future is very fair tomarrow they will get theirs and wonder why.

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