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Another NYC shooting death that doesn’t fit the MSM Narrative.

A 48-year old retired NYC police lieutenant is being heralded as a hero for shooting down a would-be armed robber, but you won’t hear much about this story from the MSM because it doesn’t fit the “Trayvon Martin” narrative.

The New York Post reported Friday that two men attempted to rob a drug store at gun point looking for cash and expensive prescription drugs. What they got was more than they bargained for.

The store was filled with customers and employees, and a baby in a stroller. An alert store employee hit a panic button that warned cops of the robbery. Three cops showed up, two females and one male. The officers coaxed one suspect to exit without incident, and was in custody briefly before escaping. The other man, 23-year old Rudolph Wyatt came out of the store shooting his .32 cal pistol at the cops. He ran across the street to a gas station where he met up with Lt. Thomas Barnes. The retired lieutenant was working on his second career as a driver for a hedge fund manager and was fueling his car when the suspect came at him. Barnes fired three shots and downed the

Thomas Barnes -photo by Steve White, New York Post

suspect, killing him.

Here’s the problem and the reason why you won’t hear much of this story. Let’s lay aside the fact that the robbers were black and the retired officer is white. In New York City under the leadership of Mayor Bloomberg, carrying a weapon in the city is illegal. Innocent people who legally own guns in other states and have permits to carry them are prosecuted as felons for making the mistake of carrying them into New York. Meanwhile this former police officer shoots down a man in the street and Bloomberg and his gun owner hating cronies say nothing. What’s the problem, a hero helped the cops, defended himself and stopped a horrible criminal. What’s the problem Bloomberg?

Recently the intrepid NY Mayor railed against guns coming into his town illegally from other states after a number of his officer have been shot by criminals. Bad news to be sure, but Bloomberg doesn’t blame the criminals who have no respect for the law. He hates other states and their citizens who have the audacity to exercise their 2nd Amendment rights to keep and bear arms. Now comes this retired hero, who served for years on gang task forces and ends a dangerous situation with well aimed shots, and the Mayor has nothing to say. Isn’t that interesting?

Civil rights leaders like the Rev. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson won’t say anything about a black man gunned down in the streets. He wasn’t 17 and cute in photos. Wyatt was a Bloods gang member of the “It’s all about the money” branch. There won’t be any marches through black communities demanding justice for Rudolph, a.k.a  Booga.

The race and ethnicity of the players in these stories is immaterial. Martin Luther King Jr. looked forward to the day when we would all be judged by the content of our character and not the color of our skin. The older I get, the farther off that dream appears to be. It doesn’t help when Sharpton and Jackson put gas on the flames.

The Bloombergs of this world don’t really believe that the removal of guns from law abiding citizens will reduce crime.  If they do, they are blind to the  truth, and here we have another anecdotal story as evidence that one man trained and ready with his gun can stop a horrible crime with three well aimed shots or less.

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Jeremy Griffith

Jeremy Griffith is conservative blogger and retired officer of the United States Army Reserve. He writes for his own blog at

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  1. Jeanette,

    I believe it is you who is the idiot. Armed white man murders innocent brother in fear of his life. So they are not running his grade school picture to show him as the picture of innocence as with Martin. Bloomie has his piehole sealed. Why? Because this one was obvious. Poor little Trayvon’s record is covered up, the fact that he was suspended from school, busted with drugs and caught with burgled propery and tools….because some (non white) Hispanic guy dropped him after being assaulted, everyone wants his head. He may walk. The facts have not come out, despite Angela Corry’s weak indictment of Z and her playing/pandering to the masses.

    An armed society is a polite society. And the Second Amendment is the reason there is a First Amendment. Don’t forget that and have a nice day. Come back when you get a brain and some powers of deductive reasoning.

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