America’s Much-Needed Liberation from Government

In the time and age of economic peril, we have seen many people lose hope, faith and trust. Many Americans have seen their investments and their financial security totally collapse. While the government is looking for solutions to combat this economic warfare, I believe the answer is simple and not complex: Americans need to decrease their dependency on the government. For far too long, many Americans have had a love affair with the naive thoughts of the government helping to improve their lives.
Americans need to be liberated from the government’s message that it will provide for them and meet all their needs. This is political blasphemy. Nothing is FREE. While the governments is promising health care, economic opportunities for all, redistribution of wealth, etc, Americans need to awake from their slumber and realize that their hard-earned taxpayer money will be used to fund these “free” opportunities.

While there are many that rely on welfare and social services, the government has compelled them to stay just where they are. These people must liberate themselves from the fact that it’s ok to stay on welfare and live off the expense of other taxpayers. It is time for individual responsibility. Time for people to realize that you do not have to stay in your current predicament, but that you can arise from the ashes of economic bondage and enhance your opportunity, such as home ownership, entrepreneurship, etc.

Americans must liberate themselves from the shackles of government expansion. The government does not have the right to tell you what doctor to go to, what car to drive or how to spend your money. If Americans do not speak up and let their voice be heard, they will continue to live in political Egypt, slaving themsleves only to see the government deepen their economic woes.

My fellow Americans, it is foolish and ignorant for us to sit back and be complacent. You have seen your taxpayer money wasted to bailout CEOS and companies who are not performing, only to see them file for bankruptcy. You have seen the government spend money that it simply does not have, and as a result, it has deepened our national debt. You have seen a government who refuses to behave fiscally. Instead of spending your money wisely, government has wasted it on insurance for honeybees, an airport for Congressman John Murtha, and other wasteful projects. We have seen a Senate who hasn’t passed a budget in 1,090 days and counting.

America–it is time to liberate yourself from the idea that the government will take care of you. The question during the 2008 Presidential Campaign was “Are you better off than you were 8 years ago?” I ask you this: Will you be better off 10 years from now? What will you give to your children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren?

While the government is bankrupting Social Security and Medicaid, manipulating citizens with the Federal Reserve, and expanding its power over the private sector, what will you do? Will we continue to cling to a government that depends on China and Saudi Arabia for oil instead of decreasing our dependency on foreign oil or will we remain silent?

It is time for our minds to be liberated. It is time for us to hold our elected officials accountable. The longer we are silent, the less chance we have of becoming truly liberated.

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